Janice Holmes Internationally Recognized as Supplemental Instruction Campus Champion

Janice Holmes

May 9, 2022


BATON ROUGE –The International Center for Supplemental Instruction named LSU accounting professor Janice Holmes the 2021 SI Campus Champion in recognition of her contribution and involvement within the university’s SI program.

SI Campus Champion is awarded to individuals who are not employed by the SI program but advocate for the program’s success. Holmes has partnered with the Center for Academic Success since January 2010, serving as a faculty partner for SI Leaders and professional staff.

As an SI faculty partner, Holmes works with accounting SI Leaders to reinforce course material and help students practice new skills, apply course-related content and interact with classmates. Holmes said SI is crucial to her accounting students’ success.

“Accounting is a new language and skill set to most of my students,” she said. “SI provides additional hands-on practice and semester-long support from their SI student leader. Students also get to meet and learn with classmates in engaging sessions. It is a pleasure to be a faculty partner with the LSU CAS who facilitate the supplemental instruction program.”

Matthew Mattox, the associate director of academic support at CAS, said Holmes is the most active faculty member in recruiting both professional staff and new SI Leaders. She works year-round to ensure the success of both the program and student leaders.

“Jan puts a tremendous amount of time and energy into the individual development of our SI Leaders,” Mattox wrote in his nomination letter. “It is very much a joint effort between the two of us. She has helped us build our programs at the micro and macro levels.”

Catherine Plessala, an accounting SI Mentor who worked under Holmes for three semesters, said she is an incredibly hands-on and encouraging faculty partner.

“In my first semester as an SI Leader, I met with her weekly in her Zoom office hours to go over my session plan and my approach to helping students with the more difficult material,” Plessala wrote in her letter of support. “My session planning and facilitation have improved dramatically under the mentorship of Jan. I went into each session confident that I would be able to help the students and facilitate a good session.”

SI is a series of weekly study sessions led by a student who has previously excelled the course.
Holmes will be recognized in June 2022 at the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s SI Leader Summit and International Conference on Supplemental Instruction.

The LSU Center for Academic Success helps students achieve the higher levels of learning necessary for academic success in college and beyond. CAS offers free services such as tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Academic Coaching and various academic programs and online services. The LSU CAS is internationally recognized for nearly 30 years of work in student learning and metacognition and is one of only two learning centers in the country twice certified by the National College Learning Center Association as a Center of Excellence. 



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