Dr.  Kevin  Bongiorno 

Associate Professor  - French Studies

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.A. University of California-San Diego, French Literature

Master's Degree: M.A. University of British Columbia, Comparative Literature

PhD: Ph.D. University of California-Riverside, Comparative Literature

Phone: (225) 578-6627

E-mail: kbongiorni@lsu.edu

Office: 423 Hodges Hall


Area of Interest

French and Italian languages, 19th and 20th Century French Literature, Italian culture and cinema, visual arts and culture, semiotics, comparative literature

Awards & Honors

LSU Ubaye Valley Professorship in French Studies, Louisiana State University (2008-2011)

Recipient, Tiger Athletic Foundation Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction, Louisiana State University (2004)

Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Department of Literatures and Languages, University of California-Riverside (1993-94, 1992-93, 1990-91)

Selected Publications

La dolce vita and Lost In Translation: Federico Fellini and Sofia Coppola take on meaningful human relationships.  Can they exist in this day and age?, Romance Language Notes. 2009.

Open City and Iraq: Understanding Occupation Through Rossellini’s Lens, Bright Lights Film Journal (January 2008-submitted)

Velazques, Las Meninas: Painting the Reader, Semiotica (April 2003)

Balzac, Frenhofer, Le Chef-d-oeuvre inconnu, Ut Poesis Pictura, Mosaic (June 2000)
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Don Fabrizio’s Walk in the Garden, American Journal of Italian Studies (Fall 2000)

Review: Le Maître des heures. Christophe Bataille. The French Review (April 1999)

Twentieth Century Abstract Art: Literature On and Off the Canvas, Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis (Fall 1998)

The Non-narrative Circus of Federico Fellini, Annual International Journal of Film and Literature (1998)

Bongiorni, Kevin, and Reinhold Grimm. Translation of poems by Italian poet Ferruccio Brugnaro. Forum Italiicum (Spring 1998)

Bongiorni, Kevin, and Reinhold Grimm. Translation of poems by Italian poet Ferruccio Brugnaro. Pembroke Magazine 29  (1997)

Bell, Darnetta, and Kevin Bongiorni, eds. Cemeteries and Spaces of Death. Riverside: Xenos Books (1996)

Foucault, Order, Things: ‘Les Suivantes' and Las Meninas, Powerlines, vol. 2 (1995)