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Hyunju Chung Assistant Professor 225-578-3937 hchung@lsu.edu 73 Hatcher Hall
Todd A. Gibson

Director of Graduate Studies,

Associate Professor

225-578-3571 toddandrewgibson@lsu.edu 84 Hatcher Hall
Courtney Gonsoulin  Clinical Faculty 225.578.3002 courtney4@lsu.edu 60 Hatcher Hall
Eileen Haebig Associate Professor 225-578-3933 ehaebig1@lsu.edu 85 Hatcher Hall
Monica Holman Undergraduate Academic Advisor   mholman@lsu.edu  
Karim Johari Assistant Professor 225-578-3934 karimjohari@lsu.edu 86 Hatcher Hall
Melda Kunduk Professor 225-578-3930 mkunduk@lsu.edu 79 Hatcher Hall
Melissa Lalande

Clinical Director,

Clinical Faculty

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Elaina McMurry Clinical Faculty 225-578-2990 emcmurry@lsu.edu 76 Hatcher Hall
Sara Green Mele Clinical Faculty 225-578-3996 smele@lsu.edu 82 Hatcher Hall
Bijoyaa Mohapatra Assistant Professor 225-578-0071 bmohap@lsu.edu 71 Hatcher Hall
Christy Wynn Moland Project Manager (Research) 318-616-0818 cmoland1@lsu.edu 413B Hatcher Hall
Janet Norris

Department Chair, 


225-578-3936 jnorris@lsu.edu 70 Hatcher Hall
Janna B. Oetting Professor 225-578-3932 cdjanna@lsu.edu 78 Hatcher Hall
Kathleen Olinde Clinical Faculty 225-578-2993 kolinde1@lsu.edu 75 Hatcher Hall
Rose Pointer Clinical Faculty 2255782655 rpoint2@lsu.edu 83 Haticher Hall
Rachel Powell Instructor 225-578-2655 rpowell1@lsu.edu 83 Hatcher Hall
Julie Schneider Assistant Professor 225-578-0023 juschnei@lsu.edu 77 Hatcher Hall
Whitney Sutherland


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Veronica Moore Walker

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Clara H. Wicker

Clinical Faculty

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Emeritus Faculty

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Neila J. Donovan  Emeritus Professor ndonovan@lsu.edu
Paul Hoffman Emeritus Professor hyhoff@lsu.edu


Adjunct Faculty
Döllinger, Michael Georg, Adjunct Professor, Speech Science

Lohscheller, Jörg, Adjunct Professor, Speech Science

McWhorter, Andrew J., MD is a Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology-HNS at LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans where he is the Director of Our Lady of the Lake/LSU Voice Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He completed both his medical degree and his residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins and his fellowship in Laryngology at Vanderbilt.   Dr. McWhorter’s practice encompasses all areas of laryngology with a special interest in conservation laryngeal surgery. His primary areas of research are high-speed digital imaging of the larynx and functional rehabilitation after treatment for head and neck cancer.

Worthington, Shelly, MPT, CIMI
Physical Therapist
Clinical Instructor