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Karim Johari

Assistant Professor

86 Hatcher Hall

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Humanities & Social Sciences

Communication Sciences & Disorders


Ph.D. Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Carolina (2019)

M.Sc. Speech Therapy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2011)

B.Sc. Speech Therapy, Iran University of Medical Sciences (2008)




Current Research

Karim Johari is an assistant professor in the department of communication sciences and disorders. He directs Human Neurophysiology and Neuromodulation Lab. He utilizes invasive ( ECog ), non-invasive neurophysiology (EEG), HD-tDCS/tACS and computational modeling to investigate neural correlates of speech production  and limb movement,  and the interaction between the motor system and language ( motor-language coupling). The current projects in his lab are the validation of HD-tACS for improvement of speech and limb motor control in healthy older adults and individuals with neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Research Interests

  • Neural Correlates of Speech and Limb Motor Control
  • Normal Aging Effects on Speech and Limb Motor Control
  • Speech and Language Impairments in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Invasive (LFPs) and Noninvasive Electrophysiology (EEG)
  • High-Definition Transcranial Direct/Alternating Current Stimulation (HD-tD/ACS)
  • Machine Learning and Computational Modeling                                                       


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