Woman with Curly HairNaomi Bennett


Ph.D.: Louisiana State University, Communication Studies (Performance Studies), minor in Women and Gender Studies

Master of Fine Arts: California State University, Los Angeles, Television, Film, and Theatre (Production)

B.A.: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Theater (Directing)

Office: 122A Prescott

Curriculum Vitae



Naomi P. Bennett is a performance scholar, movement artist, and projection designer. Her current research and artistic practice is in the creation of interactive performance works that physically engage the audience-participant through technology. By an entangling of the physical and the virtual, Bennett’s work seeks to engage senses of touch, sight, and proprioception through traditionally disembodied mediums. Drawing on her training in physical theater, contact improvisation, and projection design, her work aims to re-centers the body and somatic experience in digitally mediated performance.


Area of Interest

Installation art; Digitally-mediated performance; Physical theater; Clown; Embodiment and disembodiment; Zombie genre as a cultural metaphor.


Digital Performance and Everyday Life

Fundamentals of Communication

Introduction to Performing Literature

Public Speaking


Bennett, Naomi P. “‘aisthēsis’: Feeling Through the Skin of My Eyes.” Global Performance Studies, vol. 3, no. 2, June 2020, https://doi.org/10.33303/gpsv3n2a3.

Bennett, Naomi P. “Floating in Space: DisEmbodied Experiences of being Held Tightly by the Vast Emptiness in Turrell’s Perfectly Clear,” PARtake: Journal of Performance as Research, vol. 2, no. 2, article 5, February 2019.