Dissertation and Thesis Titles

Banner, Joyceia Marie   Enriching or Depleting: An Investigation of Communication and Behavior Within the Family Business 2008 PhD
Bannon, Brandon Douglas   Volatile Congregations: Crisis Sensemaking in a Southern Baptist Church 2013 PhD
Barnett, Kathleen    Creating Meaning in Organizational Change: A Case in Higher Education 2005 PhD
Bernardi, Jennifer    A Comparison of Dominance and Affiliation Ratings Based on Emotional State, Sex, and Status 2006 MA
Betancourt, Andrée Elise Comiskey   Under Construction: Recollecting the Museum of the Moving Image 2009 PhD
Bono, Daniel Christopher   Walden Pond and the Performative Touristic Gaze 2008 MA
Brisini, Travis Paine   AMD&ART: Performativity and Participation in Ecological Remediation 2012 PhD
Broussard, Johanna   Equipment for Dying: A Dramatistic Critique of Heroism and the Crises Assaulting Returning Soldiers 2015 PhD
Buerkle, C. Wesley   The Discipline and Disciplining of Margaret Sanger: US Birth Control Rhetoric in the Early Twentieth Century 2004 PhD
Butterfield, Rya    China's 20th Century Sophist: Analysis of Hu Shi's Ethics, Logic, and Pragmatism 2012 PhD
Cannava, Kaitlin Emily   The Repertoire of Understanding: The Linguistic Patterning of Repetition and Alignment within Supportive Conversations 2016 PhD
Caswell, David M.   When We Break Bread Together: Perceptions of Consensus Amongst Queer Organizers 2014 MA
Causey, Andrew Michael   Audiating the LSU Drumline: An Ethnographic Performance 2004 MA
Croghan, Jon M.   Toward a New Understanding of Wisdom: The Role of Communication on Perceptions of Wisdom 2007 PhD
Croghan, Tammy L.   When Shakespeare Meets Al Gore: Imagined Interactions, Communication Competence, and Immediacy in Traditional and Online-Based Distance Education 2008 PD
Denham, Jonathan Paul   Teacher Matters: Teacher Normative Influence and Student Persistence in College 2014 PhD
Dick McGeough, Danielle    Performing Toilets: Putting Matter Into Place 2011 PhD
Earle, Elizabeth   Paul Tillich's Communication Theology and the Rhetoric of Existentialism 2014 MA
Ells, Kevin James   One Rhizome, Two Unstoppable Blossoms: Environmental Communication and Ecological Rhetoric 2008 PhD
Erdely, Jennifer Lea   When the Saints Go Marching In: An Ethnography of Volunteer Tourism in Post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans 2011 PhD
Flanagan, Lisa    A House Performs 2008 PhD
France, Jr., Bruce Eric   From Guerrilla Theater to Media Warfare Abbie Hoffman's Riotous Revolution in America: A Myth 2003 MA
Gearhart, Christopher Charles   Communicating While Stimulated: The Effects of Sensory-Processing Sensitivity on Behavior and Relationships 2012 PhD
Gershberg, Zachary    A Rhetoric of Existentialism 2008  PhD
Gratch, Ariel    Masada Performances: The Contested Identities of Touristic Spaces 2013 PhD
Haas, Benjamin D.   Performing Folk Punk: Agonistic Performances of Intersectionality 2013 PhD
Hartman, Karen L.   The Rhetorical Myth of the Athlete as a Moral Hero: The Implications of Steroids in Sport and the Threatened Myth 2008 PhD
Hughes, Destini J'ne   What Every New Coach Should Know: Analysis of Coaches' Goals for Organizational Entry/Assimilation, through the Goals-Plans-Action Theory and Socioemotional Selectivity Theory 2016 MA
Huell, Jade C.   Performing Nostalgia: Body, Memory, and the Aesthetics of Past-Home 2012 PhD
Jackson, Sarah Kathryn   Typewriters Typing Typist: A Performance History 2009 MA
Jackson, Sarah Kathryn   Performing Joseph Cornell's Chronotopes of Assemblage 2014 PhD
Jenkins, Kerry    Efficacy of Genres in Training Videos for Emergency First Responders 2011 MA
Jones, Andrew Cessna   "I Listen to Their Story, They Listen to My Comments, and Then I Pocket My Fee:" Sherlock Holmes as Rhetorical Equipment for Living 2016 PhD
Keaton, Shaughan Alan   Sport Team Fandom, Arousal, and Communication: A Multimethod Comparison of Sport Team Identification with Psychological, Cognitive, Behavioral, Affective, and Physiological Measures 2013 PhD
Kennerly, Rebecca Marie   Cultural Performance of Roadside Shrines: A Poststructural Postmodern Ethnography 2005 PhD
Kice, Brent C.   From the Mountains to the Podium: The Rhetoric of Fidel Castro 2008 PhD
Kitchens, Melanie A.   A Performance Genealogy of "Etchings of Debutantes" 2004 MA
Kitchens, Melanie A.   Performing Photographs: Memory, History, and Display 2008 PhD
LeBret, John    Writing William Burroughs, Performing the Archive 2011 PhD
Leighton, Corey Elizabeth   Strutting It Up Through Histories: A Performance Genealogy of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade 2009 PhD
Lipscomb III, William P.   The Operational Aesthetic in the Performance of Professional Wrestling 2005 MA
Mapp, Christopher Michael   The Relationship between Forgiveness, Imagined Interactions, Empathy and Relational Satisfaction among Long-Distance Romantic Couples 2013 PhD
Maddex, Matthew   Raptivism: the Act of Hip Hop’s Counterpublic Sphere Forming into a Social Movement to Seize its Political Opportunities 2014 PhD
McDonald, Bonny   After Images: Using Augusto Boal's Image Theatre to Balance Artistry, Analysis, and Activism in the Performance Composition Process 2016 PhD
McDonald II, Charles Austin   The Devil Made Her Do It: Three Horror Film Case Studies in the Exorcism Subgenre 2014 PhD
McGeough, Ryan Erik   The American Counter-Monumental Tradition: Renegotiating Memory and the Evolution of American Sacred Space 2011 PhD
Michalik, Lyndsay Erin   'Post Your Version Here!' Performances in/of Online, Noncommercial, Video-to-Video Adaptations 2014 PhD
Mitchell, Joseph C   Effects of Gender Role on the Judgment of Masculine Signs 2005 PhD
Moe, Bryan   Rhetoric and Food: The Rise of the Food Truck Movement 2015 PhD
Moss, Christina L.   Re-Conceptualizing Southern Rhetoric: A Meta-Critical Pespective 2005 PhD
Mudd, Derek   Staging the Voice: Towards a Critical Vocal Performance Pedagogy 2014 PhD
Mungin, Douglas   There’s a Skid Row Everywhere, and This is Just the Headquarters: Impacts of Urban Revitalization Policies in the Homeless Community of Skid Row 2016 PhD
Nasser, Khaled    “Do It for Me, My Dear:” Structuration and Relational Dialectics among Mother-Daughter Dyads in Lebanese Arranged Marriages 2010 PhD
Nemetz, Lois B.   A Study of Communication in Baby Boomers' Romantic Relationships and the Effects of their Children's Communication about the Relationships 2010 PhD
Overton, Barbara Cook   Examining Electronic Medical Records System Adoption and Implications for Emergency Medicine Practice and Providers 2015 PhD
Pence, Michelle Elaine   Causes and Consequences of Conflict: Exploring the Influence of Honor-Based Norms and Values on the Experience of Intimate Partner Violence in the United States 2013 PhD
Pippin, Roger L   The Discursive Practices of Chemical Discipline 2006 MA
Porter, Marcus Allen   Third-Party Imagined Interactions: Expanding Imagined Interactions as False Memories in Understanding Interactions 2009 PhD
Powell, Benjamin Daniel   Processes and/of Performance: Difference, Memory, and Experimentation. 2008 PhD
Pye, David A.   The National D-Day Museum as Mystory Praxis 2004 MA
Rester, Carolyn Hornsby   The Effects of Sex and Context on Students' Interpretation of Teachers' High Immediacy Messages 2005 PhD
Rhodes, Gretchen Stein   Method and Madness at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 2010 PhD
Rhodes, Joseph E   Reinhold Niebuhr's Ethics of Rhetoric 2012 PhD
Robvais, Raquel M   To Speak as a Human, a Modern and as an American: Blues Rhetoric in Cornel West's Prophetic Pragmatism 2013 MA
Rold, Michael Francis   The Twin Taboos of Discussing Religion and Politics: A Study of Six "Basic" Emotions and Interpersonal Relationships in Response to Rick Perry's "Strong" 2014 PhD
Ruffino, Annamaria    Uncomfortable Performances: Discovering a Subversive Scenario for Rape Discourse 2007 MA
Saechou, Tiwa    Verbal and Nonverbal Immediacy: Sex Differences and International Teaching Assistants 2005 PhD
Sheldon, Pavica    Similarities and Differences in Self-Disclosure and Friendship Development between Face-to-Face Communication and Facebook 2010 PhD
Shkreli, Linda A.   Performing Selfhoods in U.S. Rituals of Private and Public Spheres 2011 PhD
Sills, Elizabeth   Mark Twain, James Thurber, and David Sedaris: American Literary Humorists 2014 PhD
Speed, Jesica Eileen   Methodological Lagniappe: A Walk in Representations of the Red Stick Farmers Market 2007 MA
St.Cyr, Kellie    Dance Dance Attribution: Exploring the Relationship between Dance and Attractiveness in Initial Perceptions 2009 MA
Swift, Crystal-Lane    This House Would Ethically Engage: A Critical Examination of Competitor and Coach Leadership in National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA) Debate 2008 PhD
Tarvin, David T.   The Rhetorical Strategies of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza 2013 PhD
Terry, David Price   Spalding Gray and the Slippery Slope of Confessional Performance 2005 MA
Treat, Shaun Robert   The Myth of Charismatic Leadership and Rhetoric of Crypto-Charismatic Membership 2004 PhD
Trudeau, Justin Thomas   Jack Kerouac's Spontaneous Prose: A Performance Genealogy of the Fiction 2006 PhD
Vaughn, Holley Ann   A Critical Ethnography of The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana with Ruminations on Hauntology 2012 PhD
Vickery, Andrea Jean   Advice in Troubles Talk Conversations Between Strangers: The Role of Problem Seriousness and the Impact of Advice on Helper Supportiveness and the Desire for Future Interactions 2012 MA
Vickery, Andrea Jean   Relational Effects of Person-Centered Comfort 2016 PhD
Vignes, Danielle Sears   An Ethnography of "Hang It Out To Dry" 2009 PhD
Walker, Rebecca    Eight is Not Enough: A Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Analysis of the Flash Mob 2011 PhD
Watson, Joey   Screening TED: A rhetorical analysis of the intersections of rhetoric, digital media, and pedagogy 2014 PhD
Waychoff, Brianne    Composing a Method: Écriture Féminine as Performance Practice 2012 PhD
White, Richard   Relational Red Flags: Detecting Undesirable Qualities in Initial Romantic Encounters 2016 PhD
Womelsdorf, Charles Stowers   Regarding Suicide: A Textually Informed Rhetorical and Psychoanalytic Construct of the State of Disconstituency, Disconstitutive Rhetoric, and the Disconstituent as Related to the Constitutive Rhetorical Structure of the Vanishing Subject 2015 PhD