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Fall 2020



Conceived and directed by Naomi Bennett

October 1-28th

dist[Sense] is a virtual performance for one audience-participant, exploring moments of connection, isolation,
and the ways in which we can come together to experience across time and space.


El Sueño de la Razón Produce Monstruos: The Mys-teriors

Conceived and performed by Irina Andreyevna Kruchinina and Elvis Bendana Rivas.

November 9-15

What is the difference between what we wish for and what we are,
if what we are is wishful, and what we wish for is deceptive?
The question is what is a net value of a human?

The form of performance enables to put out their fantasies, wishes, an attempt to connect them through self-expression
as well as self-chiseling through poetry and music, and leave it entirely up to the viewers’ personal subjectivity.
The assumption is what remains in common between the performer and the viewer may be dubbed as a grain of common
humanity which we may seed for further performances in that aesthetics.


Funny Her Her: A Socially Distanced Comedy Hour

Conceived and Directed by Cynthia Sampson, Taylor Dawson, and David Terry.

Nov 29- Dec 4th

This series of short performances seeks both to inspire laughter and to reflect on the social effects of comedy.
Drawn from ongoing work by graduate and undergraduate students in the department.
Curated for maximum fun and minimum funny business.

Response from virtual guest artist Brianne Waychoff