Dr Stephanie Grey

Stephanie  Houston Grey

Associate Professor

PhD: Indiana University (Rhetoric and Public Address)
Phone: (225) 578-6893
E-mail: houston@lsu.edu
Office: 224 Coates Hall

Curriculum Vita



As a scholar, my work focuses on the rhetoric of science and technology, environmental rhetoric and the discursive and communicative dimensions of food politics. In particular, I critically engage the culture of consumption and its impacts for the environment, human communities and affected individuals. My recent work includes studies of the Southern Agrarians in rhetoric, history and the arts as important forebears on the current local food movement and of free speech issues related to food.  With another colleague, I am researching the various dimensions of a proposal to conduct hydraulic fracturing drilling operations in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I am the editor of Louisiana Speaks, the journal of the Louisiana Communication Association that analyzes the issues facing our state, including local and regional manifestations of global problems, from a variety of critical and creative viewpoints. As an informed citizen, I bring expertise to bear to help community groups build their communicative and research capacity.

As a teacher, my aspiration for students is that they will not only gain knowledge and build skills, but learn to readily connect the life of the mind with the public debates and deliberations that constitute communication in a democratic society. My courses often relate civic engagement and research with the theories, practices and analytical lexicons of Communication Studies.  In addition to undergraduate and graduate courses within the discipline, I contribute to the University Honors Program and have led several study aboard experiences on the history and rhetoric of science and medicine.

Areas of Interest

Rhetoric of Science, Environmental Rhetoric, Food Politics, Rhetorical Theory, Cultural Studies, Commodity Culture, Community Service Learning and Civic Engagement


Courses recently taught include: Environmental Communication, Rhetoric of Economics, Propaganda, Rhetoric and Politics of Food, Rhetoric and Trauma Studies

Recent Awards and Honors

Top Paper, Popular Communication Division, Southern States Communication Association (2015); Top Faculty Paper Award, Visual Communication Division, National Communication Association (2014); Top Faculty Paper Award, Freedom of Speech Division, Southern States Communication Association (2014); LSU Rainmaker Award, Top 100 Research and Creative Faculty (2008); Phi Kappa Phi Award, Excellence in Research and Teaching, LSU (2008);

Current Projects


Lure of the Garden: The Rhetoric of Transparency in Food Politics. This project traces the attempts to speak clearly about manufactured food, including the development of food labels and the rise of food sovereignty campaigns.

Agrarian Places: Rooting Rhetorical Resistance in American Culture (working title). Co-authored with Ross Singer and Jeff Motter. This project explores the discursive and social practices related to local food movements.

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles

“An Acquired Taste: The Flavors of Rhetoric in Food Politics,” Rhetoric and Public Affairs (forthcoming 2016).

 “Contesting the Fit Citizen: Michelle Obama and the Body Politics of The Biggest Loser,” Journal of Popular Culture (forthcoming 2015).

 “The Gospel of the Soil: Southern Agrarian Resistance and the Productive Future of Food,” Southern Communication Journal 79/5 (2014): 387-406.

“A Famine of Words: Changing the Rules of Expression in the Food Debates,” First Amendment Studies 48/1 (2014): 5-26. Lead article, special issue on Food Studies.

 “A Perfect Loathing: The Feminist Revision of the Eating Disorder,” K.B. Journal 7/2 (2011) http://www.kbjournal.org/grey.

"Over My Shoulder: A Look Back at ‘The Statistical War on Equality,’" DataCritica: International Journal of Critical Statistics 3/1 (2009): 47-50.  Special Issue of DataCritica on my 1999 Quarterly Journal of Speech Article, “The Statistical War on Equality.”


“Battle on the Bayou: The Fight over Fracking Comes to South Louisiana.” Blog post forGreenpeace.org, 1 July 2014. 

"Out of Balance: LSU professor encourages environmental education." Featured Cover story in Dig Magazine , March 23, 2016