Micro/Nano-Manufacturing | LSU Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


The Materials Manufacturing Testing & Evaluation Facility (MMTEF) provides access to micro- and nano-fabrication resources and services in support of research and education in manufacturing and materials at LSU, as well as outside the University.

The MMTEF micro/nano-manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Replication-Based Micro-Fabrication:
    • Mold insert design,
    • UV LiGA (UV Lithographie Galvanoformun Abformung),
    • X-Ray LiGA,
    • Micro-machined mold inserts.
  • Replication-Based Nano-Fabrication:
    • Nano-Imprint Lithpography (NIL),
    • Nano-mold insert design and fabrication,
    • Expertese in Focused-Ion Beam (FIB) nano-machining.

For access to MMTEF resources and services please contact Mark Brennan, the MMTEF Manager.

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