New Student Orientation

Freshman Orientation

LSU has two major functions for orienting and advising incoming freshmen:

  • Spring Invitational , which is by invitation only, and
  • Summer Orientation, which consists of one of several 2-day sessions throughout the summer.

Both functions follow a similar format. On the first day, students take placement tests in subjects such as Math, Physics, and foreign languages. Students also receive information on various campus activities. On the second day, students receive their test scores, meet with a counselor or academic advisor, and schedule courses for the summer and/or fall semester.

If you have any questions regarding these functions, please contact The Office of Orientation at (225) 578-2634.

If you have any questions about the ALEKS test, please visit

Transfer Orientation and Resources

LSU also holds orientation sessions for Transfer Students the week before classes start each semester and one session during the summer for students transferring in the fall. Visit this page to learn more about events like Transfer Career Day and other student services.