Brookshire Crisis Fund

The Brookshire Crisis Fund was established in 2012 by Dr. William Brookshire to help students financially who experience an unforeseen event that severely impedes their ability to continue with their education. Examples include medical emergencies, transportation issues, victims of a violent crime or that of a natural or man made disaster, litigation or loss of employment.

The typical award amount is a one-time payment of $500 - $1,000. However, each case is reviewed individually.


  • How many times may I receive the award? 
    • Unless it is very extenuating circumstances, recipients may only receive the case award one time. 
  • How long will it take to review my case? 
    • Approximately ten working days.
  • If my case is approved, how will I receive the money? 
    • The money will be deposited in your bursar’s account within three to four days of receiving the decision. 
  • If my case is denied, may I appeal to the Dean? 
    • An internal selection committee reviews all cases and decisions are considered final.

How to Apply

Please apply using the online application form

For questions, please contact:
Jennifer Lane, Scholarship Coordinator
Phone: 225-578-1621

Other Resources

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