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The Division of Computer Science and Engineering offers an MS degree in Computer Science and a PhD degree in Computer Science. Our graduate program is designed to be flexible in order to provide our students with opportunities to take courses and do research in both core and applied/interdisciplinary areas.  There are currently about 100 students, roughly evenly split between PhD and MS.

Our Master’s in Computer Science (MCSC) is a comprehensive and versatile program that prepares students for a wide array of computer science-oriented careers and serves as a stepping-stone for students aiming to pursue a doctoral degree in computer science. The curriculum covers core topics, including computational theory, algorithms, operating systems, programming languages, networks, computer graphics, databases and analytics, and software development, along with specialized application areas in computation science and systems science. Upon completion of this program, students will possess a rigorous understanding of computer science and have the training and research skills required to apply their knowledge in innovative ways.

The PhD program in Computer Science (PCSC) offers talented students the opportunity to prepare for research careers in universities or industrial laboratories to meet the strong and continuing demand for computer scientists to work at the frontiers of knowledge in both theoretical and applied specialties. Our curriculum covers several areas related to theoretical foundations, systems and architecture, databases and data analytics, software, computational science, and digital media.