Welcome to the Division of Computer Science and Engineering at LSU! The division resides in the newly formed School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in the College of Engineering. We are actively involved in research encompassing theoretical foundations, systems and architecture, databases and data analytics, software, computational science, and digital media. The research and professional activities of computer science faculty and students continue to be 
strong in extramural funding and publication, with opportunities for growth.

It is an exciting time for us as we are entering a rebuilding mode with the major expansion of our computer science research and educational programs. In addition to transitioning computer science into the College of Engineering, LSU has also entered into a historic partnership with Louisiana Economic Development (LED) and IBM to rapidly expand computer science education in Louisiana. With a major portion of $14 million funding from the state, this initiative will help us double our faculty size and significantly increase the number of computer science BS graduates over the next few years. To achieve these goals, we continue making the best efforts to upgrade our programs such as specialization in emerging areas of Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Digital Media, and introduction of programming lab sections. The division also provides both graduate and undergraduate students with opportunities and support funds to do research in many core and applied/interdisciplinary areas of computer science.

Recent years have seen considerable improvements in the student enrollments of our graduate and undergraduate programs. In particular, the number of freshmen declaring computer science majors has almost doubled in the last couple of years. Also, our Computer Science Minor has been quite popular among all engineering, business, and math majors.

To learn more about LSU Computer Science and our efforts and successes, please browse through this web site, and contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest in our computer science program.

Dr. Bijay Karki, Chairman

Bijaya B. Karki
Chair, Division of Computer
Science and Engineering