Recent Composition Student Accomplishments

Doctoral Students

  • Dan Schultz
    (expected 2022)
  • Wagner Duarte
    (expected 2022)
  • Treya Nash
    (expected 2024)
  • Aaron Gonzales
    (expected 2025)
  • Omar Ramirez
    (expected 2025)
  • Andrew Farrer
    (expected 2025)

Masters Students

  • String Quartet No. 2 – Lanterns (SQ)

  • Aaron Gonzalez (expected 2022)
  • Rodrigo Carmargo
    (expected 2023)
  • Bryan Armond
    (expected 2024)


Composition Minors

Tamyka Jordan (PhD, Music Theory)
Thomas Kim (DMA, Clarinet Performance)
Landon Viator (PhD, EMDM)
Shane Courville (DMA, Trumpet Performance)
Katie DeLaMare (DMA, Cello Performance)
David Walters (DMA, Choral Conducting)
Johan Pepper (DMA, Violin Performance)
Ivy Yizi Xu (DMA, EMDM)
William Thompson (DMA, EMDM)
Austin Franklin (DMA, EMDM)
Matthew Bardin (DMA, EMDM)

Honors College Thesis Students

Hannah Rice (Graduated in 2022 with Honor's College Thesis award)
Conrad Foreman (in progress)
Joseph Brooks (in progress)


Recent Grad Program Admittances

  • NYU Tisch School (Musical Theatre)
  • USC
  • UMKC
  • Peabody
  • Hart School of Music
  • Boston Conservatory of Music
  • NYU Film Scoring
  • University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • University of Houston
  • And Many More


Recent Jobs From Grad Students

  • McNeese State University
  • LA Tech
  • Mississippi State
  • Idaho State University
  • Vassar College
  • And Many More


Summer Programs & Competitions Attended

  • The American Prize
  • Atlantic Music Festival
  • Alba Music Festival
  • Brevard Music Center
  • Carnegie Hall Performances With CNME
  • Charlotte New Music Festival
  • Choral Arts Initiative
  • Choral Association of Japan
  • Civic Orchestra of Baton Rouge
  • Composer in Residence at University Presbyterain Church
  • Electric Four Corners New Music x CPI
  • LaTex
  • Highscore
  • Hypercube Composition Lab
  • Iceberg New Music
  • Millinium Composers Initiative
  • Morton Gould Composer Award
  • Mostly Modern
  • Multiple Commissions from Tampa Homegrown and Vermillion Duet
  • National Association of Teacher's Singing
  • National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Festival
  • New Music on the Bayou
  • New Music on the Point
  • New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
  • NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression)
  • Norfolk New Music
  • NYU Screen Scoring Workshop
  • ORTUS International New Music Competition
  • Penn State New Music Festival
  • SCI Regional and National Conferences
  • Sewanee Summer Music Festival
  • Sound/Sight Art Collaboration
  • Splice Music Festival
  • UMKC Summer Composition Workshop
  • Versipel New Music
  • Viva 21st Century 50/50 Marathon
  • Walden Creative Musicians Retreat