photo: bazayevInessa Bazayev 

Manship Associate Professor of Music Theory

267 MDA
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2504


Inessa Bazayev is the Paula G. Manship Associate Professor of Music Theory and Theory Area Coordinator at the Louisiana State University. In February 2016, she directed the international Symposium on Prokofiev and the Russian Tradition.

She has taught at LSU since 2009 and her previous teaching appointments include Oberlin Conservatory (2008–2009) and the City College of New York (2005–2008).

Dr. Bazayev’s research focuses on Russian and Soviet music, Russian Futurism, history of Russian music theory, and voice leading in twentieth-century music. Her articles and reviews on these and other topics have appeared in Music Theory Spectrum, Dutch Journal of Music Theory, Music Theory Online, and Theoria, among others. Most notably, she organized a special issue on “Perspectives on Russian Twentieth-Century Theory” at Music Theory Online (Fall 2014), which featured six articles on diverse Russian theoretical topics, a major publication since Gordon MCQuere edited tome on Russian music theory from 1993.

She has taught music theory at all undergraduate and advanced levels including tonal and atonal repertoires. These courses include species counterpoint, tonal and chromatic harmony, aural skills (both tonal and atonal), and post-tonal theory. At the graduate level, Bazayev has developed three new courses: Analysis & Performance and Soviet Music & Literature (both of which are graduate seminars), and Remedial Theory Online, which was developed as part of the Manship Fund for Academic Excellence (awarded in 2013).

Technology plays an important part in Bazayev’s teaching. Each course has its own website on which students may find material for the course, including worksheets, recordings, and practice dictations. As an extension of this pedagogical work, she recently completed a digital media project with Anna Gawboy (Ohio State University) for W.W. Norton & Company that developed the online supplement for A Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony by Poundie Burstein and Joseph N. Straus (Fall 2015).

Dr. Bazayev has served as an advisor and first reader on several dissertations and master’s theses from theory, musicology, and performance departments. She has also given a number of pre-concert lectures for the LSU Orchestra concerts at Union Theater (2015-16). Further, as part of her service to the University, Bazayev is currently serving as a liaison to the Honors College that aims to promote rigorous music academic courses to undergraduate students.

Dr. Inessa Bazayev is the recipient of a number of prestigious teaching and research awards from LSU, which include Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award (2015), Paula G. Manship Professorship for Excellence in Music (2013-2014), Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award (2014), and Summer Research Stipend (2011), among others.

Bazayev founded the Music Forum lecture series that promotes scholarship, pedagogy, and professional development workshops in music theory, musicology, music education, and performance graduate programs. Since its conception in Spring 2010, the Music Forum has had over a hundred events, among which have included invited guest lectures by Joseph N. Straus, William Rothstein, Simon Morrison, J. Peter Burkholder, and Julian Hook. Dr. Bazayev was also the co-chair of the First Biennial LSU Colloquium (2011).

Dr. Bazayev is an active member of the Society for Music Theory, in which she has founded the Russian Music Theory Interest Group (2013). She has previously served on SMT’s Committee on the Status of Women (2010-12), as the coordinator for the proposal and article mentoring programs. She was also the local arrangements chair for SMT’s annual meeting in New Orleans (2012).

Inessa Bazayev received her PhD from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (2009) under the tutelage of Joseph N. Straus.