Faculty and Staff Listing

Name Title Phone Email Office
Main Office Line School of Kinesiology 225-578-2036 kines@lsu.edu 1250 HPL Field House
Heather Allaway Assistant Professor 225-578-1637 hallaway@lsu.edu 2139 HPL Field House
Amanda Benson  Professor 225-578-3549 abenson@lsu.edu 2113 HPL Field House
Ashley Bowers Associate Professor 225-578-7259 abower10@lsu.edu 2136 HPL Field House
Senlin Chen Professor 225-578-7995 senlinchen@lsu.edu 2124 HPL Field House
Kirsten Cunha Assistant Professor 225-578-5437 kcunha@lsu.edu 2119 HPL Field House
Gbenga DadeMatthews Assistant Professor 225-578-9232 gdadematthews@lsu.edu 2220 HPL Field House
Victoria Fairchild Laboratory Manager 225-578-5425 vfairchild@lsu.edu 2203 HPL Field House
Nicholas Fears Assistant Professor 225-578-7175 nfears@lsu.edu 2210 HPL Field House
Ari Fisher Senior Instructor 225-578-2440 afishe@lsu.edu 2110 HPL Field House
Janene Grodesky Associate Professor 225-578-3551 janenegrodesky@lsu.edu 2111 HPL Field House
Jaclyn Hadfield Assistant Professor 225-578-4934 jaclynhadfield@lsu.edu 2148 HPL Field House
Wanda Hargroder Associate Professor (retired) 225-578-7178 whargro@lsu.edu 2221 HPL Field House
Chris Hill Assistant Professor of Motor Behavior 225-578-2913 chrishill@lsu.edu 2210 HPL Field House
Rebecca Hirschhorn Assistant Professor 225-578-0065 rhirschhorn@lsu.edu  2115 HPL Field House
Jan Hondzinski  Professor 225-578-9144 jhondz1@lsu.edu 2200 HPL Field House
Ryan Hulteen Assistant Professor 225-578-6947 rhulteen@lsu.edu 2108 HPL Field House
Brian Irving Professor 225-578-7179 brianairving@lsu.edu 2137 HPL Field House
Dee Jacobsen Professor 225-578-3548 djacob6@lsu.edu 2200 HPL Field House
Neil Johannsen Professor 225-578-5314 njohan1@lsu.edu 2144 HPL Field House
Lisa Johnson  Associate Professor 225-578-3552 ljohns@lsu.edu 2226 HPL Field House
Hyun Kim Assistant Professor 225-578-3845 hkkim@lsu.edu 2216 HPL Field House
Maria Kosma Associate Professor 225-578-8016 mkosma@lsu.edu 2218 HPL Field House
Emily Marcinowski Assistant Professor 225-578-5960 emilym@lsu.edu 2212 HPL Field House
J. Michael Martinez Associate Professor 225-578-8628 jmmartinez@lsu.edu 2126 HPL Field House
John Nauright Professor 225-578-5831 jnauright@lsu.edu 1250 HPL Field House
Lisanne McCuller Associate Professor 225-578-6869 lisannemcculler@lsu.edu 2224 HPL Field House
Efthymios (Makis) Papadopoulos Assistant Professor 225-578-0938 epap@lsu.edu 2140 HPL Field House
Justin Morris Instructor 225-578-8986 jmor137@lsu.edu 2104 HPL Field House
Yizhou (Tyreal) Qian Assistant Professor 225-578-2904 yqian@lsu.edu 2131 HPL Field House
Amber Salvadras Business Manger 225-578-5791 asalva@lsu.edu 1250B HPL Field House
Chad Seifried Professor 225-578-4632 cseifried@lsu.edu 2130 HPL Field House
Donna Smith Administrative Specialist A 225-578-2913 dsmi189@lsu.edu 1250F HPL Field House
Melinda Solmon Professor 225-578-2639 msolmo1@lsu.edu 2201 HPL Field House
Stephanie Sontag Assistant Professor of Professional Practice   stephaniesontag@lsu.edu  
Guillaume Spielmann Associate Professor 225-578-2926 gspielmann@lsu.edu 2142 HPL Field House
Per Svensson Associate Professor 225-578-5647 psvensson@lsu.edu 2128 HPL Field House
Melissa Thompson Associate Professor 225-578-2916 melissathompson@lsu.edu 2222 HPL Field House
Arend Van Gemmert Professor 225-578-4701 gemmert@lsu.edu 1131F HPL Field House
Dan Yost Associate Professor 225-578-1943 danyost@lsu.edu 2106 HPL Field House
Claire Zvosec Associate Professor 225-578-9146 clairez@lsu.edu 2134 HPL Field House
Xavier Thompson Assistant Professor 225-578-2913 xthompson@lsu.edu 1250 HPL Field House
Chris Hill Assistant Professor 225-578-2913 chrishill@lsu.edu 1250 HPL Field House