Presentations: 2018


Infrastructure and capacity: challenges for development.
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Society of Utility and Regulatory Financial Analysts (SURFA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans
20 April 2018

Louisiana industrial cogeneration trends.
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
LWSA Conference, Lafayette
16 March 2018

Mid-Stream Investment in the Era of Shale

Gregory B. Upton Jr
Louisiana Pipeliners Association Meeting, Baton Rouge
26 February 2018 

LNG Export and American Natural Gas Markets

Gregory B. Upton Jr.
National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates. Natural Gas Committee
20 February  2018

Gulf Coast Energy Outlook

Gregory B. Upton Jr.
World Trade Center of New Orleans. Energy Committee Meeting.
15 February  2018

Gulf Coast industrial development: overview of trends and issues.
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Gulf Coast Power Association Meetings, New Orleans
8 February 2018