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"Here are Louisiana's seven strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions"

"Report Finds Industry Is Biggest Source of Carbon Emissions In Louisiana"

"This map shows 20 Louisiana industrial plants that release most greenhouse carbon gases"

"Here's how much greenhouse gas Louisiana emitted in 2018, and which plants are responsible" 

7/14/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Captivating Carbon Struggles" (subscription required)

7/13/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Abandoned Wells in the Gulf”

"Rural Louisiana could see 7 new large-scale solar projects worth nearly $1 billion"

6/28/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Should a Chalmette refinery get a tax break to save 500+ jobs? Pt. 2”

6/17/2021--The Advocate
"Louisiana oil executives react to injunction on executive order that paused oil leasing operations"

6/17/2021--WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Good news for the oil and gas industry?"

6/14/2021--Louisiana Radio Network
“Crude oil up over $70 dollars a barrel for the first time in nearly three years”

6/11/2021—The Advocate
“Our Views: Common sense on energy from Louisiana’s governor, but not from Joe Biden”

6/2/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Dismukes: Higher oil prices likely to have muted impact on Louisiana”

6/1/2021--The Advocate
"Our Views: We need more plastics investment in Louisiana, and much less interference"

6/1/2021—The Advocate
“Why this Louisiana plastics plant has become a national lightning rod for environmentalists”

6/1/2021--The New York Times 
“Add ‘Climate Hazards’ to Your Home-Buyer’s Checklist”

5/18/2021--Popular Science
"Louisiana is making bold climate goals, but still wants its fossil fuels"

5/13/2021—AP News
"Louisiana gov urges feds to resume offshore leases in months"

5/10/2021—The Advocate
“Hackers shut down a major oil pipeline, which runs through Louisiana. Could it affect gas prices?”

4/26/2021—The Louisiana Weekly
“‘The real threat is not taking action’: Experts say renewable energy poses an opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana”

“How Google Earth Illustrates Climate Change”

4/19/2021—The West Side Journal
“Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana” 

4/19/2021--KTBS ABC 3
"Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to La."

4/19/2021—KALB Central Louisiana
“Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana"

"Should Louisiana be a 'sanctuary state' for oil and gas? This bill would make it so"

4/18/2021--The Advocate
"Louisiana businesses face reality of no new federal offshore leases anytime soon"

4/16/2021--10/12 Industry Report
"The Energy Evolution: How will Louisiana fare?"

4/16/2021--10/12 Industry Report
"Louisiana: World leader on climate change?"

4/7/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Louisiana drivers can expect gas prices to reach 3-year high this summer" (subscription required)

3/29/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Impact of Suez Canal Blockage”

3/24/2021—Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s Louisiana Public Square
“Renewable and Reality | March 2021"

3/24/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Dismukes challenges report calling Formosa project ‘financially unviable’” (subscription required)

3/23/2021--KLAF NBC
"The Economy and the Environment; LPB Looks at What is Realistic for Louisiana"

3/16/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Carbon Pricing” 

3/4/2021—Civil Engineering Source
“Oregon tests granular approach to pay-per-mile fees”

2/21/2021—The Advocate
“LNG export company looks to salt caverns for natural gas storage in Cameron Parish”

2/18/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Impact of Cold Weather On Oil and Gas”

2/11/2021—The Advocate
"Louisiana braces for impact beyond 700-job refinery closure as Shell plans to cut oil production"

2/10/2021—The Center Square
"Louisiana officials: U.S. can fight climate change, still drill for oil"

2/10/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Biden’s environmental agenda creates regulatory whiplash for industry”

“Interim Climate Task Force report focuses on how to choose carbon reduction rules; no rule changes proposed yet”

2/3/2021—Tiger TV
“President Biden includes Cancer Alley in Climate Change Initiative”

1/28/2021—The Advocate
“Why Joe Biden's oil and gas moratorium is expected to have long-term effects on Louisiana's economy”

1/27/2021—The Advocate
“A reeling Louisiana oil and gas industry anticipates another setback: Loss of federal subsidies”

1/27/2021—The Advocate
“Our Views: Business leadership sees rebound but also pitfalls after pandemic”

1/27/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Biden’s ban on new federal leases prompts outrage from energy industry”

1/26/2021—The Center Square
“Proposed tax changes for Louisiana oil and gas draw industry opposition”

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