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4/26/2021—The Louisiana Weekly
“‘The real threat is not taking action’: Experts say renewable energy poses an opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana”

“How Google Earth Illustrates Climate Change”

4/19/2021--KTBS ABC 3
"Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to La."

"Should Louisiana be a 'sanctuary state' for oil and gas? This bill would make it so"

4/18/2021--The Advocate
"Louisiana businesses face reality of no new federal offshore leases anytime soon"

4/16/2021--10/12 Industry Report
"The Energy Evolution: How will Louisiana fare?"

4/16/2021--10/12 Industry Report
"Louisiana: World leader on climate change?"

4/7/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Louisiana drivers can expect gas prices to reach 3-year high this summer" (subscription required)

3/29/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Impact of Suez Canal Blockage”

3/24/2021—Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s Louisiana Public Square
“Renewable and Reality | March 2021"

3/24/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Dismukes challenges report calling Formosa project ‘financially unviable’” (subscription required)

3/23/2021--KLAF NBC
"The Economy and the Environment; LPB Looks at What is Realistic for Louisiana"

3/16/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Carbon Pricing” 

3/4/2021—Civil Engineering Source
“Oregon tests granular approach to pay-per-mile fees”

2/21/2021—The Advocate
“LNG export company looks to salt caverns for natural gas storage in Cameron Parish”

2/18/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Impact of Cold Weather On Oil and Gas”

2/11/2021—The Advocate
"Louisiana braces for impact beyond 700-job refinery closure as Shell plans to cut oil production"

2/10/2021—The Center Square
"Louisiana officials: U.S. can fight climate change, still drill for oil"

2/10/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Biden’s environmental agenda creates regulatory whiplash for industry”

“Interim Climate Task Force report focuses on how to choose carbon reduction rules; no rule changes proposed yet”

2/3/2021—Tiger TV
“President Biden includes Cancer Alley in Climate Change Initiative”

1/28/2021—The Advocate
“Why Joe Biden's oil and gas moratorium is expected to have long-term effects on Louisiana's economy”

1/27/2021—The Advocate
“A reeling Louisiana oil and gas industry anticipates another setback: Loss of federal subsidies”

1/27/2021—The Advocate
“Our Views: Business leadership sees rebound but also pitfalls after pandemic”

1/27/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Biden’s ban on new federal leases prompts outrage from energy industry”

1/26/2021—The Center Square
“Proposed tax changes for Louisiana oil and gas draw industry opposition”

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