Presentations: 2008


Bossier - Haynesville Shale: North Louisiana Salt Basin
D. A. Goddard, E. A. Mancini, S. C. Talukar & M. Horn
Center for Energy Studies/PTTC Workshops
October - December 2008

Alternative Energy Developments [with Emphasis on Louisiana]
Mike D. McDaniel
America’s Energy Coast, Domestic Energy Security Development Task Force
17 November 2008

The Future of Ethanol
Mike D. McDaniel
API Southern Region/State Working Groups Spring Conference, Charleston, SC
20 May 2008

Preparing Louisiana for the Possible Federal Regulation of Greenhouse Gases
Mike D. McDaniel
LSU Center for Energy Studies Advisory Council
15 May 2008

Environmental Implications of Carbon Cap and Trade
Mike D. McDaniel
LSU AgCenter Carbon Credit Conference
14 May 2008

Understanding the Impacts of Katrina and Rita on Gulf Coast Energy Infrastructure
David E. Dismukes
American Chemical Society National Meeting
7 April 2008

Clean Air, Energy Security, and Climate Change: Drivers for Alternate Fuels
Mike D. McDaniel
2008 Statewide Clean Cities Coalition Conference
28 March 2008

Market and Regulatory Issues in Alternative Energy and Louisiana Initiatives
David E. Dismukes
2008 Statewide Clean Cities Coalition Conference: Making Sense of Alternative Fuels and Advanced Technology
27 March 2008