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Geaux Communicate for Undergraduate Teaching Faculty

Effective communication is vital teaching and learning. To ensure all undergraduate students—regardless of their major—have access to communication-intensive classes and learning support services that will set them up for success, the Geaux Communicate initiative will expand support for teaching faculty like you who are making this happen.

Why Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses?

C-I pedagogy at LSU was developed and launched in 2005. More than 15 years of longitudinal data show C-I courses are a high-impact teaching and learning practice that deepens learning of course content, advances communication skills, and positively influences student success inside the classroom and beyond. Irrespective of field or discipline, communication skills are essential for all sectors, industries, and job roles, making this topic relevant for all majors.

Curious about what makes a course C-I? Check out the student-facing video below.


See the list of current C-I Courses

How can Geaux Communicate support me and my students?

Increased opportunities for 1-1 communication coaching and on-demand resources for your students

All undergraduate students at LSU have support to develop their writing, speaking, visual, and technological communication whether they’re in a C-I Course or not. If your course assignments include essays, papers, group presentations, or any other communication-related project, CxC communication peer coaches can work with your students to develop their skills while completing the assignment. Appointments with communication peer coaches cover all stages of the creation process, from planning and drafting, to revising. Keep in mind that this is not a copy edit or co-creation service, either,  and students leave with not only a better product, but also skills they can take with them toward their next class or project.

Link for students to schedule 1-on-1 communication support

Access self-guided resources to share with your students

Visit a CxC Studio with your class

Individualized course development support for you as a C-I teacher

Whether you’re starting out with C-I pedagogies or have been using them for decades, the CxC team is available to connect and discuss C-I course design and execution with you. Maybe you want to change the communication modes for your course. Maybe your course goals have changed and you need to talk through possible assignments. Or maybe you just want to see if C-I teaching is right for your course. Identify the CxC Rep for your college and reach out!

Robust options for C-I faculty support

Developing communication skills for undergraduates across campus doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Investing in your development as a teacher, and ensuring you have the resources to equip your students with what they need to thrive, is a key component of this initiative. While this will look different for each faculty member, here are just a few of the ways Geaux Communicate will support you:

  • Workshops focused on course design and delivery where you can connect with fellow faculty, develop and/or refine your C-I course materials
  • Teaching toolkits to pick and choose resources for you and your course goals
  • Teaching and learning communities to enhance your teaching and enable peer-to-peer networking, support, and collaboration opportunities

Recognition and accolades for your commitment to C-I teaching and learning at LSU

Your commitment to developing the communication skills of your students deserves to be recognized. Here are a few ways the university can celebrate you:

  • Comprehensive C-I teaching and learning reports for inclusion in Promotion & Tenure materials
  • Eligibility for the annual CxC Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Eligibility for the C-I Teaching Fellows program