Announcing the Spring 2023 LSU Communicator Certificate recipients

At the conclusion of the Spring 2023 semester, 205 students earned the LSU Communicator Certificate. This non-degree certificate, issued by the Office of Academic Affairs via LSU Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC), recognizes students who have successfully completed rigorous communication-intensive coursework within their disciplines. Since launching in Fall 2018, 991 students have earned the LSU Communicator Certificate. A full list of past recipients can be found at

To earn the LSU Communicator Certificate, students must earn a B- or higher in a series of  Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses that focus on a demonstrated competency in written, spoken, visual and technological communication within the discipline. Following the completion of C-I coursework, the final step in earning the certificate is submitting a brief first-person narrative about the expertise gained through C-I assignments and the ways students anticipate applying these skills in their personal and professional lives moving forward. In these essays, students frequently express how critical this type of skills development has been to their college experience. Many have cited their experiences in C-I Courses as giving them newfound confidence in their abilities as communicators and as the catalyst to step outside of their comfort zones in pursuit of new opportunities such as presenting at research conferences and writing for discipline-specific publications.

Here are a few examples of things students have said about their experience with C-I courses at LSU:

  • “Effective communication is about connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding their perspectives. The more you know how to work and communicate with others, the better you can collaborate to solve problems. These courses provide a valuable opportunity to practice essential life and professional skills in a low-risk setting.” —College of Engineering student
  • “LSU C-I courses have challenged me to produce my best work and deepened my passion for learning. I am eager to utilize what I have learned to amplify underrepresented voices, create positive change, and foster effective communication.” —Manship School of Mass Communication student
  • “With everything I have learned taking C-I courses and all the critiques that I have been able to grow from, I now know that presenting information is an elastic skill set that I can always grow, and it will never be a limiting factor for me.” —College of Science student
  • “Though my classes were for different classes than my major, the skills I learned helped me improve in a variety of areas in my academic career. My grades in all of my classes benefited as I learned how to write and speak more effectively. My personal academic goals greatly improved with the classes, as well as with my first publication and associated poster presentations. The skills learned in these classes can be applied in so many areas of life, and there is no reason not to take them.” —College of Humanities & Social Sciences student
  • “There is always work to be done, and I’ve still a long road ahead to reaching my full potential, but I now possess a large degree of empowerment, energy, and lust for life. The chain reaction of self-growth through college would have been completely impossible had it not been for the communication-intensive courses.” —College of Engineering student

Join us in celebrating the following Spring 2023 recipients of the LSU Communicator Certificate:

College of Agriculture

Addison Foshee
Christopher Lambert

College of Art & Design

Alexis Albert
Natalie Angelette
Kaitlyn Borel*
Madison Cappy
Vicky Chen
Victoria Cheung*
Alixandria Cinquigranno*
Caitlin Davis*+
Marie French*
Melissa George+
Jackson Hartley*
Clara Jimenez*+
Alexis Lafleur*
Madeline Laperouse
Maria Le
Bailey LeBlanc+
Jou Lee
Stephen Lemoine*
Emma Little*
Zed Lobos*
Grayson Loudon*
Jaycie Macdonald*
Ivy McClure*
Kensy Menocal*
Adam Miller*
Shellie Milliron*
Mandisa Ndhlukula
Thu Nguyen
Anna Parent
Marco Perez+
Victoria Porretto*
Lyndsey Post
Harris Quadir
Collin Roan*
Claire Samaha*
Fairuz Sowma
Isabelle Veneracion+
Claire Wilson
Ilai Wright*

E.J. Ourso College of Business

James Clement
Ricky Schober*
Tabitha Thai

College of Coast & Environment

Mikayla Bell
Alise Ellison
Kameelah Hollis*
Olivia Hurley*+
Emily Major
Aine O'Nuanain*+
Matthew Parker
Isabella Purpura

College of Engineering

Ryan Achee
Daniel Alegre
Mohammed Algalban*
Julie Armand*
India Atkinson*
Benjamin Bishop*
Jill Bohnet*+
Matthew Borgatti
Andrew Boutte
Allie Brooks
Olivia Burson
Kirby Byland
Mia Casabat
Caroline Cochran*
Sarah Congiundi
Sydney Corbin+
AnnaClaire Courville
Guadalupe Covarrubias*
Stone Cox
Benjamin Crowley
Katherine Dao
Holden David*
Connor Davis
Miller Dickerson*
Kaitlyn Fontenot
Ashtyn French
Jacques Gaspard
Cailynn Gerald*
Alyson Goree+
Beau Griffon
Kaitlyn Gurnsey
Parker Hannan*
Andrew Hardee
Dedunu Herath
Samuel Hildebrand
Jack Hubble
Gracie Hufft
Aubry Hymel*+
Rawan Ismail
Samuel Jones*+
Zachary Kaupp
Henry Koke
Catherine Ladner
Madeline Lemoine*
Aaron Marshall
Mallory Matthews*
Henry McCall
Connor McCarthy*
Hunter Meatte
Andre Mira*
Hannah Mistric*
Ava Momenzadeh
William Montalbano
Evan Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen
Keran Nguyen
Jean Normand+
Mariam Oweineh
Eric Ponder
Elizabeth Reich+
Ruby Roberg*+
Colin Roberts
Amanda Ross
Noah Roussel
Alexia Ruiz
Joshua Sanford*
Sayer Sauviac
Jake Schexnaydre
Ella Sheets*+
Gavin Sheng
Chase Sims
Bailey Smoorenburg*+
Camryn Tims
Steven Tran*
Antonio Vakratsas
Jacob Wismans
Carlie Youngblood
Garret Zirkle

College of Human Sciences & Education

Madeleine Dazet
Natalie Kucsan
Hailey Sherrill
Claire Surek*
Susan Toso
Camille Toups

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Daniel Babin
Tatum Carver-Dews*
Irma Castro
Frida Cervantes*
Sydney Goldberg*
Olivia Grice+
Marissa Huber
Malasia Kennedy*+
Ella McCalip*+
Randi McCarty
Joshua Okparaocha
Caroline Paden*
Angel Puder*
Hannah Rodrigue+
Drew Welsch*
Ariana White+
Isabelle Whitfield+

Manship School of Mass Communication

Ashlyn Anderson*
Katherine Ashy
Ava Borskey*+
Sasha Bourne
Carson Chapman
Koren Clark
Bridget Cotten
Austin Craver
Reed Darcey*
Lee Gilyot
Emma Granier
Alexandra Labbe
Sara Loach
Jacob Lofton*+
Amber Mouton
Carley Oakley*
Sophie Rink
Elise Saloom
Lauren Shaw*+
Erin Stephens
Oscar Tickle
Alex Tirado+
Morgan Vandervoort
Aydin Virga+
Kiersten Volion
Taylor Vu
Delaney Waid
Varonika Ware+
Lindsey Webb
Cade Williams

College of Science

Sarah Bancroft
Cade Canepa+
Danielle Chibuzo
Carlie Christ*
Anne D'Armond+
Ellie Fields*+
Molly Gaffney*
Robert Godke*+
Juliette Lemoine+
Kara Liimatta
Seija Meaux*+
Jack Menard
William Musser
Zahra Naeini+
Allison Picou
Colette Rainey
Tammy San*+
Emily Seighman+
Kayleigh Snell
Mason Tregre
Leora Wilson
Bailey Wycoff

*Students whose names are marked with an asterisk have also earned or are working toward earning the LSU Distinguished Communicator medal.

+Students whose names are marked with a plus sign are part of the LSU Ogden Honors College.