Record number of students earn the LSU Communicator Certificate in May 2022

At the conclusion of the Spring 2022 semester, 197 students earned the LSU Communicator Certificate. This non-degree certificate, issued by the Office of Academic Affairs via LSU Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC), recognizes students who have successfully completed rigorous communication-intensive coursework within their disciplines. Since launching in Fall 2018, 710 students have earned the LSU Communicator Certificate. A full list of past recipients can be found at

To earn the LSU Communicator Certificate, students must earn a B- or higher in a series of  Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses that focus on a demonstrated competency in written, spoken, visual and technological communication within the discipline. Following the completion of C-I coursework, the final step in earning the certificate is submitting a brief first-person narrative about the expertise gained through C-I assignments and the ways students anticipate applying these skills in their personal and professional lives moving forward. In these essays, students frequently express how critical this type of skills development has been to their college experience‚ÄĒespecially amidst a pandemic where building successful and varied communication skills were key. Many have cited their experiences in C-I Courses for giving them a newfound confidence in their abilities as communicators and as the catalyst to step outside of their comfort zones in pursuit of new opportunities such as presenting at research conferences and writing for discipline-specific publications.

Join us in celebrating the following Spring 2022 recipients of the LSU Communicator Certificate:

College of Agriculture

Mohammed Abusabi
Alexa Bates*
Kira Cates
Currie Dudley*
William Gaspard*
Wayne Guillot
Brooklyn Hampton*
Cailey Hoff
Alexia LaGrone*+
Julianne Lamy
Emily Loeb
Molly Lucey
Cassie Miller*
Jordan Mouton
Kara Norris
Taylor Perrodin*+
Anna Polo
Alexa Schleter
Abigail Slattery
EnJanae' Taylor

College of Art & Design

Sara Beaman
Nicholas Bertucci*+
Ila Bordelon - Walker
Lucy Bui*
Reilly Burke*
JaNiece Campbell*
Alyssa Catanese
Julianna Cummins
Morgan Curtis*
Marigny Deblanc
Mary Michaela Dunkerley-Offor*
Julia Fondren
Catherine Fuller*
Elaine Garner
Kelly Garrett*
Alexa Gutowski
Mauni Haldar
Mustafa Hamed
Avery Haynes
Lauren Henderson
Michael Howell*
Bryce Humbrecht*
Benito Juarez Jr.*
Kenah Kepper*
Hayden Lake*
Abigail Landry
Justin Malcore*
Rylee Martin
Denise Martinez
Peyton Matthew
Nathan McConnell*
Ashley Moore
Isabel Oatley
Nghi Pham*
Gillian Reeves
Madelyn Riche
Taylor Saxena*
Samantha Siliezar*
Lauren Thompson
Elizabeth Volden
Chad Wilkins*

E.J. Ourso College of Business

Bridget Adam
Aries Henderson
Francesca Manfucci*+
Elizabeth Stewart*+
George Stokes*
Hanah Thorne

College of Coast & Environment

Katherine Kelso
Jacob Reinhardt

College of Engineering

Ololade Adeola
Mustafa Alam
James Albano
Olivia Armond*
Abigail Batten
Hannah Beene
Alexis Benoit
Caleb Bielkiewicz*
Adam Bobbs
Sydney Bradley*
Halle Briede
Ross Buerger
Madison Burdett
Corey Canzoneri
Jack Clement*+
Thomas Coreil*
John Cronvich
Breanna Davis
Ethan Devillier
Lauren Domingue
Morgan Doyle
Logan Durey
Erin Easley
Bryan Edwards
Zoe Elam*
Christopher Ferrier
Sarah Glass*+
Mariah Graham*
Domenique Guevara
Brennan Hagan
Alejandra Ham*+
John Harkin
Brandon Herring
Alyse Hollis
Nicholas Hudspeth
Emma Irvin
Anna Keegan
Maria Kratz
Ava Landry*
Adam Langlois
Jarod Larriviere
Dominic Lasquety
Luz Lawes
Brock Leonard
Megan Marsalone*
Cole McCullough
Brian McGarry
Gauhar Mirza
Natalie Morvant*
Angelica Nguyen*
Anna Parker
Luca Pfyffer
Grace Pierson
Leah Potylchansky*
Andrew Sampsel
Soheil Saneei Motlagh
Ignatius Semmes
Lindsey Settoon*
Nicholas Stuart
Tejasri Sunchu*
Connor Tappel
Emily Taylor*+
Benjamin Thomas*+
Austin Thomassen
Trevor Thrasher*+
Nolan Tiersch
Brennan Tilyou
Brent Torres
Maia Trailer
Joseph Trapp
Carlie Turk*
Aubrey Wakefield
Ashton Weber*
Camille Wetekamm*+

College of Human Sciences & Education

Hannah Bryant
Nauras Faiyazuddin
Bridget Glueck
Hannah Hargrove
Emma Hover
Alyssa James*
Kaitlyn Little
Lauren Nauman
Celia Nguyen
Kristen Olinde
Natalie Richard*
Marian Webre
Kathryn Welty*
Leigh Wray

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Brianna Beck*
Logan Berthelot
Cecil Craig
Camille Dupuis
Christopher Hart
Moriah Howard
Caroline Raymond*
Julia Roane
Kenneth Tarleton
Monica Zmudzinski*

Manship School of Mass Communication

Anna Ball
Brennan Doussan
Marie George*
Gabrielle Gremillion*
Kayla Hamilton*
Julia Hollander
Sydney McGovern
Hannah Moran
Olivia Morgan
Lillian O'Connell*
Emilie Ravain*
Caroline Rowley
Sophee Sanderson
Ainsley Summers
Chancellor Townsend
Mary Weldon
Emily Wood*

College of Science

Joseph Aguda III*
Sanaa Alam*+
Hannah Blackmon*+
Jordyn Courville*
Grayce Mores*+
Calli Nguyen*
Karina Ramirez*
Abigail Randolph
Amy Register
Daniella Strauss
Kim Tran*+
Margaret Tullis
Emily Webre

* Students whose names are marked with an asterisk have also earned or are working toward earning the LSU Distinguished Communicator medal.
+ Designates Honors College students.