Tips to Make the Most of Your SCWCA Virtual Experience

Use the right tools.

Set up an ergonomic desk/work space, ensure you have quality audio input and output, and turn on a light you’ll look toward so folks can see your smiling face. For some activities you may be switching between a few different tabs/windows, so a desktop or laptop (rather than tablets or mobiles) will help maximize your productivity. 

  • Use the Zoom desktop client if possible, as this can make this go a little more smoothly.
  • Run Zoom updates to ensure you’re using the latest desktop version. 
  • Check out this how-to guide for adding your pronouns to your name in Zoom. (Curious about why people do this? Learn more about pronouns in this capacity.)
  • Set your preferences for seeing subtitles/captions/transcripts during the live video sessions—check out these how-to instructions

Minimize distractions.

Find a quiet space where you can focus, be comfortable, and participate with minimal interruptions. Simple things such as silencing your cell phone, closing your email, and avoiding the temptation to open windows unrelated to the conference will help you stay present and get the most out of the session.

  • During live Zoom sessions, minimize other uses of your location WiFi so you can send and receive optimal audio and video. In other words, communicate with roomies and family so they know you’re going to be in a video conference that is super important and awesome and you don’t want to miss a thing. 

Bookmark the SCWCA Agenda.

The agenda (link coming soon to registrants’ inboxes) is your one-stop space for all the details and links you need. You’ll see updates throughout the weekend as it is a living space designed to help you easily navigate the week.

Plan YOUR time, and recognize that you can’t do it all.

Identify your must-attend sessions and log in on time so you don’t miss out. Schedule breaks for yourself so you can ID when you are "100% on" and "100% off." 

When "on," be on.

Being "on" can take a lot of forms—nonverbal and verbal shares when presenters open the floor, using the chat boxes as prompted, taking your own notes as the ideas inspire you, and making a list of who you want to follow up with (and why) after each session. Seize all the opportunities to connect and collaborate with your colleagues. We’re virtual, but that doesn’t have to mean we’re not contributing to the experience, even when we’re there for someone else’s session. Looking into the camera also helps you make the connection!

Stay fueled.

Drink your water, eat your snacks, take the time to stretch, and do a little jig every now and then! Hydration, nutrition, and movement truly make a difference in our mindset and productivity. 

Share out and check in.

This is a collaborative space, so your ideas, questions, and contributions matter. Share your thoughts during live discussion sessions, jot down your personal reflections, and reach out by emailing if ever you’re feeling lost or confused. We’re here for you!