Register by January 27 for the South Central Writing Center Association Annual Meeting: Now in Virtual Format!

In light of recent COVID spikes and travel concerns, the February 4-6, 2022 SCWCA meeting is now all-virtual. Our goal is to foster space for all to convene as safely as possible around engaging presentations, workshops and discussions within the theme of “Communicators Making Place.”

Presenters share their specialty foci as we talk theory, philosophy, case studies, tangible actions, histories and futures for communication skills development work. There is a little something for everyone: connections between discipline-specific development and foundational rhetorical elements; interstices of the digital, physical, intercultural and psychosocial; equity and justice-oriented tactics; inclusion, health and care work; discussions surrounding intake, affect, neural pathways, universal design and more!

This meeting will be of interest to…

  • Teachers interested in discussing strategies for effective student engagement, instruction and communication-related assignment design
  • Tutors interested in discussing classic, new and experimental strategies and hearing from fellow tutors about what’s working and not working when in tutoring and coaching sessions 
  • Administrators interested in comparing notes about strategy and implementation as well as team engagement and cultivation. 

Register now for the SCWCA Virtual Meeting February 4–6, 2022

Faculty, Directors, Staff and/or Community Members: $25 per person

Tutors and/or Students: $20 per person

Registration deadline: January 27

Registration includes real-time video conferencing access to all 2022 SCWCA social events and sessions, and a special conference kit to help you make the most of your meeting experience and get a little bit of “Baton Rouge on the Geaux.”


Questions? Reach out to Annemarie Galeucia (LSU Communication across the Curriculum),