Announcing December 2020 LSU Distinguished Communicators

During December 2020 Commencement, 17 graduates across seven colleges will receive the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal. Recipients of this honor are outstanding writers and speakers, with a strong command of visual literacy and technological communication. They have earned high GPAs in their communication-intensive courses throughout their baccalaureate years, sought 1-1 mentorships with faculty and have built websites that display their communication competencies and professional talents, both in and beyond the classroom. LSU Distinguished Communicators also graduate with the LSU Communicator Certificate, launched in Fall 2018. 

To celebrate the accomplishments of these exceptional students, CxC will be virtually honoring Distinguished Communicators through a series of video messages and digital posts on social media and

This distinction is the first of its kind in the nation and is sponsored by LSU Communication across the Curriculum (CxC), a nationally-recognized program for its excellence in enhancing learning experiences and improving students’ communication skills across all disciplines. As of December 2020 Commencement, LSU has awarded 681 graduates with the Distinguished Communicator Medal.

College of Agriculture

Josef Schuster, Natural Resource Ecology & Management*

Advisor: Mike Kaller

Madison Doody, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising and Mass Communication

Advisor: Sadie Wilks

E.J. Ourso College of Business

Samuel Allen, Marketing

Advisor: Aaron Gleiberman

College of Coast & Environment

Kendall Brome, Coastal Environmental Science

Advisor: Matthew Hiatt

College of Engineering 

Jacqueline Begue, Biological Engineering

Advisor: Marybeth Lima

Phillip d'Aquin, Industrial Engineering

Advisor: Hyun Woo Jeon

Morgan Donaldson, Chemical Engineering

Advisor: Mike Benton

Ahmad Hamed, Industrial Engineering

Advisor: Laura Ikuma

Eban Hanna, Chemical Engineering

Advisor: Mike Benton

Vivian Ji, Industrial Engineering

Advisor: Roberto Champney

Mae Anne Claire Mangaoil, Chemical Engineering

Advisor: Bhuvnesh Bharti

John Robinson, Biological Engineering

Advisor: Nick Totaro

College of Human Sciences & Education

Joneya Thompson, Kinesiology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Advisor: Annemarie Galeucia

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Joneya Thompson, Interdisciplinary Studies and Kinesiology

Advisor: Annemarie Galeucia

Manship School of Mass Communication

Madison Doody, Mass Communication & Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising

Advisor: Sadie Wilks

College of Science

Corey Cooper, Biological Sciences*

Advisors: Ginger Brininstool and Alyssa Johnson

Jadyn Lewis, Biological Sciences

Advisor: Khoa Nguyen

Salim Lutfallah, Chemistry*

Advisor: Becky Carmichael

Mary Margaret Sanford, Mathematics

Advisor: James Madden

*Honors students are designated with an asterisk.