TEDxLSU Creative Team

November 12, 2014

Like hundreds of other TEDx events around the globe, TEDxLSU is a not-for-profit experience planned and coordinated by an all-volunteer team who shares a passion for TED talks and “ideas worth spreading.”  Planning for the 2015 event is already underway, and this year, the number and type of volunteers is growing!

This is the third year Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) will champion this innovative event.  For 2015, TEDxLSU is implementing a new initiative by adding a student-led TEDxLSU Creative Team. The creative team application was open for any LSU student to join, and approximately 40 students were chosen.

tedxlsu graphic connect brand

Within the creative team, several sub-teams were created to allow students to cultivate their strengths further.  The sub-groups consist of public relations & social media, graphic design, writing, video & photo, set & design, event logistics and project management.

The TEDxLSU Creative Team was assigned a few tasks that need to be completed, but the students were also encouraged to dream big and come up with their own deliverables. The initiators of the creative team wanted the students to have the chance to contribute their creative abilities by coming up with their own ideas that would assist TEDxLSU this year.

The team was created to give students the opportunity to be heavily involved with this unique event on campus. The TEDxLSU team values the opinions and input of the students and believes that they will positively influence the event in 2015.

Not only will the student creative team help the 2015 event, but the opportunity also gives students the chance to gain real world experience by working on a global phenomenon. The work the students complete will be great additions to their resumes and portfolios.

To stay updated with the progress on TEDxLSU 2015 and the creative team, visit tedxlsu.com