Maud Walsh | LSU Superfund Research Center



    Maud Walsh

    Professor of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences, Louisiana State University

    LSU Superfund Research Project Research Translation Core Leader

    Phone: 225-578-1211

    Fax: 225-578-1403




    Research Interests, Expertise:

    • K-16 environmental education
    • Environmental communication
    • Phytoremediation
    • Geomicrobiology
    • Astrobiology, specifically the record of early life on Earth.


    Recent Publications:

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    Oehler, D. Z., Walsh, M.M., Sugitani, K. Liu, M-C, and House, C.H. 2017. Large and robust lenticular microorganisms on the young Earth. Precambrian Research 296: 112-119.

    Gillett, Carly, Fontenot, Kathryn, Bush, Edward, Walsh, M., and Johnson, C. 2017.  Summer Camp Garden Project: An Opportunity to Grow the Next Generation of Horticulturists. Horticultural Technology 27(1): 114-120.  doi: 10.21273/HORTTECH03572-16



    Fontenot, K.K., Bush, E.W. , R. J. Portier, R.J. B. A. Meyer, B.A., Jeffrey S. Beasley, J.S., and Walsh, M.M. 2014. Determining an Optimum Tree Species for the Phytoremediation of Cumene and 4-Cumylphenol in Groundwater. Journal of Environmental Horticulture. Vol. 32; Issue 4.

    Walsh, M. and Wicks, C. 2014. Introducing Transdisciplinary Problem Solving to Environmental Management Systems and Geology Students through a Case Study of Disturbed Coastal Systems. Journal of College Science Teaching 43 (3): 48-53.



    Anderson, L., Walsh, M., Roy, A., Bianchetti, C., and Merchan, G. 2011. The Potential of Thelypteris palustris and Asparagus sperengi in the Phytoremediation of Arsenic-contaminated Soils.  International Journal of Phytoremediation 13:177–184.



    Walsh, Maud M. 2010. Microbial Mats on the Early Earth: the Archean Rock Record. In: Seckbach, J. and Oren, A., eds. Microbial Mats: Modern and Ancient Microorganisms in Stratified Systems. Series: Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology, Vol. 14. Springer, 2010, pp. 43-51.

    Walsh, M., Cormier, S.A., Varner, K., & Dellinger, B. 2010. By-Products of Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Waste: Formation and Health Effects. EM. 26-30. PMCID: PMC3368582.