Nathaniel Wrobel - Student Spotlight

Nathaniel Wrobel
Nathaniel Wrobel
Katherine Seghers

Nathaniel came to LSU as an astrophysics student in the Fall of 2020. In the Spring of 2022, Nathaniel decided to pursue an additional dual degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Nathaniel keeps himself busy by staying involved all over campus. He can be found at recruiting events as an LSU College of Science Ambassador and  SOARS Scholar, conducting experiments in the Condensed Matter Physics Laboratories with Professor Shane Stadler, or overseeing Outdoor Recreation as a supervisor at the LSU University Recreation (UREC).

As an undergraduate researcher, Nathaniel spends most of his time learning new things. The experience is quite exciting for Nathaniel, as he feels he is laying the foundation for a career as a scientist.

“My favorite thing about physics is how captivating it is. I can't help but think about the physics of most things I do throughout the day. Whether it's bouncing a ball or riding my bike, I feel like a kid when I try to make sense of the simplest of things. It's truly remarkable how much humans can predict and understand by learning physics, and I would like to push those limits as a physicist. My captivation of physics motivates me to try and understand natural phenomena, and from this understanding, I hope to be on the forefront of new discoveries.”

In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym with friends and playing intramural volleyball. He also enjoys browsing pictures of cool hiking locations throughout the country, which he plans to explore in the future. 

If you are starting a degree in physics, Nathaniel recommends that you just stick with it! “The beginning may be rough as there is a steep learning curve, but it will click. My first year was extremely challenging, and I constantly felt like I wasn't cut out for physics, and it only got easier from there. Also get involved in research, it is by far the best way to learn and get acclimated to the department.”