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Research Projects

You will be given the opportunity to indicate your first, second and third choice, and we will try to match you as best as possible based on your interests.  

The 2021 Smart REU projects and mentors include:


Dr. Guoqiang Li (Mechanical Engineering)

Title: “Data-enabled Discovery of Smart Polymers for 4D Printing of Composite Structures”

Research tasks: Design of thermoset shape memory polymers through machine learning; grid stiffened composite panel design and optimization; 4D printing and testing of grid stiffened composite panels with CNT/CNF alignment capability

Dr. Donghui Zhang (Chemistry)

Title: “Synthesis and Characterization of Mechanically Strong, Remoldable and Recyclable Polyaminal Thermosets”

Research tasks: Design, synthesis and characterization of molecular building blocks for the polyaminal thermosets; Synthesis and characterization of the polyaminal thermosets by condensation polymerization; Characterization of the dynamic, mechanical and thermomechanical properties of the polyaminal thermosets; Investigation of efficient recycling of the polyaminal thermosets

Dr. Isiah Warner (Chemistry)

Title: “Ionic Fluorescence Materials for Detection of Self-Healing and Strength in Ionomers”

Research tasks: Design and Synthesis of Proposed Fluorescent Ionic Liquids and GUMBOS; Fluorescence Detection in Polymers; Establishing Ionic Materials as Deformation Sensors; Design of Polymer Self-healing; Sensor Development with Mechanical Strength


Dr. Genevieve Palardy (Mechanical Engineering)

Title: “Self-sensing and self-heating nanocomposite films for structural health monitoring and repair of thermoplastic composite joints”

Research tasks: Manufacturing and characterization of nanocomposite films; In-situ monitoring of welding process; Effect of multifunctional films on composite joints strength; Self-sensing of nanocomposite films and welded joints under different types of loads; Repair of welded joints through self-heating


Dr. Niloufar Emami (Architecture)

Title: “Design and fabrication of additive flexible formwork for the design of concrete interlocking modules”

Research tasks: Design and testing of shape memory keys at the intersection of a two-part mold; 3D printing molds using elastic resin on SLA 3D printers


Dr. John Pojman (Chemistry)

Title: “Cure-on Demand Composites with Frontal Radical-Induced Cationic Polymerization”

Research tasks: Front propagation velocity as a function of composition of all the components and measure the mechanical and thermal properties of the products produced; Polymers based on bio resourced per frontal polymerization


Dr. Gerald Schneider (Chemistry)

Title: “Hierarchically structured nanocomposite polymers”

Research tasks: Hierarchically structured nanomaterials, based on polymers, synthesized and assembled; materials characterization, including microscopy, electron microscopy, mechanical testing and dielectric spectroscopy


Dr. T. Warren Liao (Industrial Engineering)

Title: “Metaheuristic-based Reverse Design and Development of 4D Printable Polymer Composites with Targeted Properties"

Research tasks: Developing more advanced metaheuristics; Metaheuristic-based reverse design of 4D printable thermoset ink; Meta-heuristic based panel design and optimization; Metaheuristic-based optimization of additive manufacturing process.