NCAM has strong expertise and investments in large scale, multi-axis robotic friction stir weld and automated composite fabrication equipment. Technology thrust areas include:

pin tool
lap joint

Friction Stir Welding

  • Dissimilar alloys
  • Non-corrosive, defect free welds
  • Titanium, Aluminum and Mild Steel
  • Rivet replacement
  • Metal to composite joints
  • Metallic multi-lobed pressure vessels
  • Online sensing of weld quality
  • Repair techniques (in production and in field)


fpm head
fpm contoured female part

Automated Fiber Placement

  • High temperature / high performance applications
  • Complex integrated structures to reduce part count
  • Out of autoclave
  • Advanced material characterization
  • Simulation of complex multi-scale physics based models
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Repair techniques (in production and in field)