Challenges Towards Improved Friction Stir Welds Using On-line Sensing of Weld Quality

Team: LSU (PhD Student Daniel Hugget leading)


  • In-process and post-process NDE techniques
  • Improve prediction of friction stir weld defects and overall joint quality
  • Real time methods for immediate assessment of weld quality
  • Use of UWS 2 and PDS 1


Investigation of Manufacturability and Structural Performance of a Full-Scale Titanium Mid-Ship Section

Team: UNO, Textron Marine, MiNO Marine, Keystone


  • Advancing titanium fabrication and joining processes using friction stir and high speed MIG welding
  • Developing design for fabrication methodologies for titanium  ship hull construction
  • Establishing a fit-for-purpose based specifications of a titanium grade for naval ship hull applications