The NFF provides state-of-the-art instruments for designing, fabricating, characterizing and testing of complex nano and microscale structures and devices. The NFF is housed within a 2500 square feet ISO-5 cleanroom inside the experimental hall at CAMD. The facility is open to all LSU and external (industry) researchers.  Cleanroom staff support is available for training, process consultation and collaboration on new process development. Visit the How to become a user page for more details.

Cleanroom Events


The Durham Magneto Optics Microwriter ML3 is now installed and operational.  This tool features Direct Write "Maskless" Lithography

The Horiba Smart SPM (Atomic Force Microscope) has arrived and is now operational

J.A. Woollam RC2 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer installed in the NFF cleanroom 

Kurt J. Lesker CMS-18 Dual Chamber Sputtering System installation in progress