Having reliable and current data is essential for making well-informed decisions on today's complex issues. The Public Policy Research Lab is your reliable source of clarity and accuracy, committed to equipping researchers, leaders, organizations, and policymakers with the essential insights for navigating modern policy issues successfully.

What can we do for you?

  • PPRL specializes in data collection and research services catering to projects of various scales.
  • We can design and execute surveys including mail, web, telephone, face-to-face, and mixed mode.
  • We can provide an assessment of existing survey instruments.
  • We employ various qualitative techniques, including focus groups, cognitive interviews, and structured observations.

Our clients

  • Louisiana State University faculty, staff, and administration
  • Louisiana state agencies and local governments
  • Other state and federal agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Businesses
  • Community Leaders

Our Services

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Telephone Surveys:

The Public Policy Research Lab is one of the largest and most well-respected university-based survey research institutions in the Southeastern Conference. The Lab maintains 120 computer-assisted telephone interview call stations operated by a team of highly trained, well-supervised professional interviewers. Our interviewers use an advanced, highly efficient computer-assisted telephone interviewing system (CATI) to reduce the cost and time of conducting surveys while ensuring the accuracy of data input. PPRL’s sampling capabilities allow for dual-frame designs to capture both landline and cell phone numbers. Additionally, we can target particular populations based on demographic characteristics or geographic location using census tracts.

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Online surveys:  PPRL has experience in designing and conducting online surveys for a variety of clients, populations, and situations.  We can work with you on developing sampling strategies, designing instruments, posting online surveys, and quickly analyzing the results. Online surveys can also be used in “mixed mode” situations where telephone or mail contact options are also available. Utilizing mix-mode surveys improves response rates and the overall data quality while enhancing the overall representativeness of the sample and reducing potential biases.

PPRL can deliver text-to-web surveys by sending a text (SMS) message to potential respondents with a URL that leads respondents to an online survey. Participants can then access the survey via their mobile devices or computers by following the provided link. This method allows PPRL to bridge the gap between traditional communication methods (text messages) and online data collection, making it convenient for participants to access and complete the survey while providing fast, reliable, and accurate results to our clients.

Online panels is another method of surveying that allows PPRL to quickly gathering responses from a targeted group of respondents. We recommend using panels for longitudinal studies, repeated surveys, or ongoing research initiatives.

Mail surveys: PPRL offers a complete array of mail survey services. From the questionnaire design to the final report, our team can handle all your survey needs. Superb respondent tracking tools allow us to keep track of the status of each respondent case throughout all points in the research project. We can conduct all phases of the mail survey process, from questionnaire design, and formatting, to mail out and log in, data entry, data delivery, and report writing.

PPRL’s data capture system can recognize, verify and export data and images quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Our system is capable of processing thousands of surveys every day. By using advanced scanning technology we reduce manual data entry, thereby reducing costs and increasing the speed of results.

In-person interviews: For selected projects, PPRL is able to offer in-person interviewing. Projects for which this option would make sense include intercept interviews with clients at their point of service and small neighborhood surveys.

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Beyond data collection through surveys, PPRL has the capacity to analyze existing data for insights and solutions. Whether it is a program evaluation study to measure the effectiveness of a policy, a cost-benefit analysis to identify the challenges and opportunities for new initiatives, or more general data mining to reveal the informative patterns hidden in the data, the Lab offers statistical analysis and consulting to unpack the numbers.

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Many research projects are enhanced by qualitative context information that delves into the deep context of the issue at hand or by the opportunity to test ideas and messages in a manner that provides immediate open-ended feedback. PPRL has expertise in conducting focus groups, both as a primary data collection mechanism and as a step in the questionnaire development process.