Our Staff

PPRL's entire team is dedicated to the success of your research project, from its initiation to its successful conclusion.

Portrait photo of Gail Hagan
Gail Hagan, Head Supervisor
Office: 110 Manship Research Facility
Phone: 225-578-7305
Email: ghagan1@lsu.edu
Photof of Cynthia Williamson
Cynthia Williamson, Hiring Manager
Office: 110 Manship Research Facility
Phone: 225-578-0738
Email: cwil259@lsu.edu
Staff photo place holder
Dyrel Treadwell, Training Coordinator
Office: 110 Manship Research Facility
Phone: 225-578-8605
Email: dtread2@lsu.edu
Employee portrait place holder
Data Analyst - Vacant Position
Office: 130 Manship Research Facility
Phone:  225-578-0150
Email: gtairo1@lsu.edu 

CATI shift leaders and supervisors

At the Public Policy Research Center, we are proud of our skilled interviewing team. We put potential interviewers through a thorough vetting and training process, including reference checks, conducting mock interviews, and performing pronunciation tests. Only the best candidates get the interviewing role. Our training and supervisory staff make sure our interviewers are ready to handle any survey-related situations effectively. The supervisors monitor all interviewers daily to guarantee high-quality data collection.


Vansh Vayas
Ambica Banchode
Victoria C Jeansonne
Jamie Curtis-Caceres


Thea Robinson
Grifin Turner
Conrad Sharpe