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2021-2022 Annual Report


Since its inception in 2001, the LSU Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs has been a leading voice in mass communication surrounding contemporary challenges of the digital revolution. As the outreach and engagement arm of the Manship School of Mass Communication, the Center’s mission is to generate thoughtful programs, dialogue and research about mass communication and its many-faceted relationships with social, economic and political issues.

Research and Programs

The Reilly Center maintains a busy annual event schedule and supports a robust array of research activity. Each year, the Center convenes approximately 25 events, ranging from day-long public symposia on critical issues to student-oriented programs addressing professional exploration. The Center routinely features nationally-recognized experts, drawing students and faculty from across campus, as well as community members. Research support is through a number of means, including the Public Policy Research Lab, Fellows programs, faculty supplements and direct project funding. These investments result in scholarly books, research articles, reports for public policymakers and informative professional pieces for practitioners.

Public Policy Research Lab

Our in-house survey and polling center, the Public Policy Research Lab, assists faculty and organizations across the campus, state and nation in the development of survey instruments and the collection and analysis of data. The annual Louisiana Survey, the Lab’s signature project, tracks public opinion on policy issues important to state residents, providing informative data for public policy officials.