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 Media & Public Affairs Book Series


About the Media & Public Affairs Books Series

Books in the Media & Public Affairs series explore the complex relationship between knowledge and power in American democracy by examining what citizens and public officials know, where they get their information, how they use that information to act, and the differences that information makes within our government and society.

Published by LSU Press and the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at the Manship School of Mass Communication, Media and Public Affairs books are of interest to general readers and political professionals, as well as academics and students. They relate to some modern phenomenon of mass media and public affairs; they sometimes include historical context, but are not antiquarian in topic or appeal. They take a proactive approach -- that is, they not only identify problems in the public sphere of politics and mass media but also advocate solutions or new ideas. They are books that researchers, policymakers, concerned citizens, and professional practitioners would find equally enlightening and useful.

In short, these books emphasize turning ideas into actions. 

To submit a proposal or for more information, contact:

Robert Mann
Professor, Manship Chair
Professorship in Media & Public Affairs
240 Hodges Hall
(225) 578-2053

For sales inquiries, please contact:
James D. Wilson, Jr. (LSU Press) 


"Reporting the Cuban Revolution" book cover
"Working Congress" book cover
"Freeing the Presses" book cover


"Money, Power, and Elections" book cover
"Propaganda and American Democracy" book cover
"Promoting the War Effort" book cover
"Political Communication" book cover
"Digital Polling" book cover
"Negotiating the Press" book cover


"African American Foreign Correspondents: A History" book cover
"From Pigeons to News Portals" book cover
"Rewiring Politics" book cover
"Freeing the Presses" book cover
"Falling Up" book cover
"Telling Others What to Think" book cover