Proposal to Produce

Submit email or hard copy to Hal Lambert

Across Disciplines: Performance Research and Response is an annual program sponsored by the HopKins Black Box. Typically, the program features graduate students from within and often outside the department presenting their research through the praxis of performance. To activate the interdisciplinary aspect of performance studies (et al.), the program also features respondents from other departments, disciplines, and often institutions.

Typically, a performance studies faculty member or graduate student produces/directs the program i.e., selects the concept/theme, style(s) of presentation, and featured students; selects and schedules the respondents; sees to technical and other practical considerations; and meets the expectations of directors as outlined in the Directors Contract. In sum, the responsibilities and duties are significant.

Faculty members and graduate students from all three CMST areas are invited to submit a proposal to produce/direct an Across Disciplines program. We encourage co-producers as well as individuals.

In your proposal, please address the following points.

  • Contact Information
    Your name, address, work and home phone numbers, and email address.
  • Program Abstract
    A clear and concise summary of the programs concept, theme or subject matter; the anticipated or preferred style(s) of presentation; the number of graduate students and respondents you would like to involve; any specifics regarding the students and respondents; any technical needs you foresee; and anything else you feel it would be helpful for us to know.
  • Academic Status
    Faculty or graduate student status; major area of study; and an indication of any current academic incompletes or if you are on academic probation. (Your response will be kept confidential.)
  • Experience
    A brief list of any (academic, administrative, performance, or performance tech) experience you feel demonstrates your ability to produce/direct the program. Please feel free to indicate areas where you anticipate needing advice or help.
  • Schedule Preference
    Indicate fall or spring semester, and rank in order of preference, EARLY, MIDDLE, or LATE in the semester. Also, indicate if there are any specific dates you would like to request. Typically, the Across Disciplines program runs 2 nights.
  • Fill out and turn in a directors contract with your proposal