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Discover Nature Programs

Through a partnership with the Louisiana Master Naturalist of Greater Baton Rouge (LMNGBR) we are proud to offer exciting new “Discover Nature” programs featuring local and national experts who are in touch with nature and are eager to share their experiences. All programs will be in the Imo Brown Complex in the Beverly Brown Coates Auditorium. 

For members of Hilltop and LMNGBR, registration is $10, $15 for non-members. Discover Nature programs are free for Members Magnolia Level ($250) and above. For more information about this event or how to become a member, contact Hilltop at 225-767-6916, visit, or email


Documenting the Nature Around You:
A Community-based Effort to Identify the Natural World
Tuesday, March 28th, 6:30-8:00PM
Featuring Amber King

Have you ever walked in nature and wondered what you were looking at?

Amber will teach participants how to observe and document the natural world around them. Come learn how to use iNaturalist, a tool for community members to record observations and share them with friends and scientists alike. Amber will explain how recorded observations are used to advance scientific research. She will also discuss the importance of community science and introduce several efforts in the region. Join this event to enjoy nature while getting to know the flora and fauna around you.

About Amber

Amber King is a volunteer for the Master Naturalists of Greater Baton Rouge and the LSU Herbarium. She chairs the Baton Rouge region’s organizing committee for the City Nature Challenge. When not at work at the Board of Regents, Amber enjoys photographing wildlife and plants for science, especially moths and other insects. 


Yes, You Can Create Your own Habitat Garden!
Tuesday, April 25th, 6:30-8:00PM
Featuring Janine Kharey

three pictures - pot of sabatia, a mini pond with plants and creeping eryngo n a decorative pot

Have you been thinking about creating a habitat garden with native plants? This presentation will highlight creative means to use the space you have, no matter your level of skill, resources, or physical ability. If you have the desire to make a difference by supporting biodiversity but aren’t sure where to start, this presentation aims to encourage and empower you through examples of what you can do, no matter how big or small, from ideas on rewilding your land to planting containers on your apartment balcony.

About Janine

Janine Kharey is a Master Naturalist and retired art educator with experience habitat gardening in the Baton Rouge area since 2005. Through busy years, good and bad, she has applied her creativity to solving the problems of space, physical ability and means to invite a wealth of biodiversity to her gold level certified suburban backyard habitat. As founding president of Wild Ones Greater Baton Rouge, she hopes to inspire others to embrace biodiversity by sharing the native flora and fauna found in her garden through her art and photography.


Gardening for Hummingbirdshummingbird by thistle bloom
Tuesday, May 23rd, 6:30-8:00PM

Featuring Jane Patterson

Most of us are fascinated by hummingbirds. Although they are tiny, these birds are among the most feisty and resilient creatures in the natural kingdom. This presentation will offer information about their natural history and life cycle. Jane will focus on our local hummingbird, the ruby-throated hummer that breeds in this area.  She also will talk about other hummingbirds that show up for us in the fall and winter! Jane will present about what you can do to attract hummingbirds to your garden. In particular, she will showcase plants that they love.

About Jane

Jane Patterson is the current President of Baton Rouge Audubon Society, as well as the Education Chair. She started birding in 2005, and has gotten into it in a big way, especially from the educational perspective. Jane started a bird club for kids in Baton Rouge (KidsWhoBird), and teaches beginning birder classes through the LSU Continuing Ed systems, as well as at Hilltop Arboretum. She was honored at the National Audubon Society’s national conference in July 2014, with the Dutcher Award for outstanding service by an Audubon Chapter leader for her efforts in bird-related education. Prior to becoming a birder, gardening was one of Jane's primary hobbies, so combining birding and gardening is one of her passions.  She has also gotten into bird photography; what better subjects than all our beautiful birds? Jane retired from her career in state government in 2017 as the Director of Telecommunications where she was responsible for overseeing internet and phone services for the Louisiana state government.  

For more information about this event or how to become a member, contact LSU Hilltop Arboretum at 225-767-6916, visit, or email

Program Details

Hilltop and LMNGBR members $10
Non-members $15
Free for Hilltop Members Magnolia Level ($250) and above.

Documenting the Nature Around You: A Community-based Effort to Identify the Natural World
Tuesday, March 28


Yes, You Can Create Your Own Habitat Garden!
Tuesday, April 25



Gardening for Hummingbirds
Tuesday, May 23


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