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Discover Nature Programs


Through a partnership with the Capital Area Native Plant Society (CANPS) and the Louisiana Master Naturalist of Greater Baton Rouge (LMNGBR) we are proud to offer an exciting series of “Discover Nature” programs featuring local experts that are in touch with nature and are eager to share their experiences. All programs will begin at 6:30pm in the Beverly Brown Coates Auditorium. For members of Hilltop, CANPS and LMNGBR the fee is $5 per program, $10 for non-members, pay at the door.


“It’s About Birds and Butterflies”

Date: Tuesday, September 25, 6:30pm

Featuring: Helen Peebles

flowering bush

 If you are interested in helping to provide much needed habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, you will be interested in learning about native plants for your yard.  Not only are native plants essential for birds and butterflies, they are also beautiful, and they are very low maintenance. Creating wildlife habitat in our own yards is the way of the future!

We can’t think of a better program to help you prepare your shopping list for native plants that will be available for sale at our 35thannual PlantFest! on October 6th from 9am – 4pm and Sunday, October 7th from 12noon – 4pm. 

Helen Peebles is president of the Capital Area Native Plant Society and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Biology and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture.

“Creating Safe Passages for Plants and Pollinators”

Date: Tuesday, October 23, 6:30pm

Featuring: Mary Williams

bee on flowerGreenBridges is a sustainable garden initiative of the Herb Society of America. The program provides guidance to anyone who would like to create opportunities in their garden for the safe passage of plants and pollinators, and avoid habitat fragmentation. Each GreenBridges garden is a link in the chain across this nation, providing safe movement for the plants and pollinators that help maintain healthy ecosystems. 

Why is this program so important? Native herbs are under stress from development, climate change, habitat fragmentation, non-native invasive species, and the over-collection of plants from the wild. Native herbs have something to offer to both humans and wildlife including their value such as flavoring, medicine, ornament, economic, industrial and cosmetic.  This program will include a discussion of some of our regions notable native herbs you can plant in your garden and how to design and register your garden to become a certified GreenBridges garden.  With the help of Mary Williams, we are proud to announce the LSU Hilltop Arboretum is a certified GreenBridges garden.

Mary Williams is the Vice Chair of the Baton Rouge Unit of the Herb Society of America, avid gardener, and proud owner of a GreenBridges certified garden.