PlantFest 2022 Teaser

Sunday, October 2nd ~ 2:00-3:30pm
Featuring Pat Drackett
Held in the Beverly Brown Coates Auditorium

The annual pre-sale PlantFest Teaser will feature Pat Drackett, who will talk about “25 Native Plants to Provide Benefits to your Home and Neighborhood”. Pat will discuss how being strategic about planting native plants can encourage wildlife, conserve water, and lower your energy and labor costs. Masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are encouraged but not required. Any changes to COVID protocols will be posted one week prior to the sale on our website.

All plants featured will be available for sale during PlantFest, October 14th for Hilltop Members only, October 15th open to all. Teaser registration is free for Members of the Friends of Hilltop Arboretum at the Azalea ($50) level and above. For members below the Azalea level and the public, registration is $20. Not a member? Join Friends of Hilltop now.

Pat Drackett profile

Pat Drackett is the Director of Mississippi State University’s Crosby Arboretum, in Picayune, Mississippi, and an associate Extension professor of landscape architecture. She holds degrees in botany and a MLS in landscape architecture from LSU and practiced for two decades as a landscape designer before joining the Arboretum in 2007. Pat is always searching for new ways to inspire people to spent time outdoors in their garden, but with the goal of sitting and enjoying looking at it rather than laboring in it. Since 2015, she has conducted native milkweed garden trials to determine the best species for the home garden, and to naturalize and promotes methods of garden design and landscape management that work hand-in-hand with ecological processes.




Teaser Registration

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General Registration $20.

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