2020 Virtual Teaser! Heidi Sheesley in a flower garden holding a cat

September 28th – October 9th
Featuring Heidi Sheesley with Online Plant Sale


To keep you safe during COVID-19, Hilltop’s annual PlantFest Teaser has been transformed into a virtual program featuring Heidi Sheesley, owner of Treesearch Farms, Inc. in Houston, Texas. In a video filmed in her garden and nursery, Heidi will showcase 37 of her favorite plants that would be fabulous new additions to any garden.

All plants featured in the video will be available for purchase online with contactless pickup from September 28th to October 9th. Plants purchased must be picked up at Hilltop within 48 hours of the order online.

Members of the Friends of Hilltop at the $50 level and above will automatically receive an email on September 28th with links to the video on YouTube, a pdf file with descriptions and pictures of all of the plants featured, and a link to purchase plants online. No registration required.

Members below $50 and the public must register and pay a fee online to receive the email and links. Fee $10.

Heidi Sheesley headshot wearing a hatLearn more about Heidi!

Heidi is a strong, independent woman who has changed the landscape of Houston gardening. Since 1983, when she decided to turn her love of plants into a commercial venture, she has dedicated her business life to propagating and growing out-of-the-ordinary plants that do well in Houston and along the Gulf Coast. Heidi's guiding vision is to grow rare and unusual plants for the wholesale and professional landscaping market.

She specializes in unique plants including many types of natives, perennials, trees, shrubs, gingers, ornamental grasses, citrus, fruit trees, hummingbird, butterfly and other habitat plants for birds and bees.

Heidi is a member of the International Plant Propagators Society, Louisiana Society of Horticultural Research, Garden Writers Association and the American Community Gardening Association. She is committed to education and works extensively with numerous Texas Master Gardener Associations in southeastern and coastal-bend Texas to promote water-wise horticultural practices in landscape management. She is a self-described "plant nut" who also loves her critters, both cats, dogs, chickens and turkeys.

Teaser Perk of Membership!

Become a member of the Friends of Hilltop Arboretum at the $50 level or above and enjoy the Virtual Teaser and online plant sale free as a perk of membership.  The LSU Hilltop Arboretum needs your support now more than ever. All of our revenue streams have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  Your membership and/or donation directly supports our operations, and keeps our mission alive.

To put a “Tease in the Teaser” here is a sneak preview of a few of the hard to find plants Heidi will talk about! This is also a sample of the information included in the pdf file sent to those who register.

Close up of blooms and the full plant in garden - Prairie Aster - Aster oblongifloius - Outstanding native Texas, fall blooming aster! Mounds out to 2'-3' with tiny gray-green aromatic foliage & is smothered with lavender daisies all fall! An excellent fall nectar plant. An incredible performer & very long lived. Tough & fairly drought tolerant once established. Full sun or light shade. Butterlies!Blooming Yellow Senna - Cassia corymbosa bush - A tall, upright, fast growing shrub with featherly, compound leaves & a bright colorful display of large clusters of 1" yellow blooms from late summer to winter. It's normally evergreen in the Houston & surrounding areas. Cassia corymbosa grows 6' - 10' tall & can easily be trained into a small "tree". Heat & drought tolerant & deer resistant. Full sun. A major butterfly nectar plant & is a host plant for the Sulphur Butterfly.











Close up of bloom and bush of Lowery's "Fuzzy-leafed" Hummingbird Bush - Hamelia sp. 'Lowery' This fuzzy leafed hamelia is quickly becoming one of our favorites! It came back strong after a very cold winter, has a tight growth habit and blooms non-stop starting in early spring. Flower clusters are bright orangeish-red and are loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant in full sun with good drainage. Nice for coastal gardens because of its salt tolerance. Will die to the ground in a hard freeze, but is root hardy. 4'x4'Lindeheimer Muhly Grass - Muhlenbergia lindheimeri in the summer, fall and winter. An ornamental native that performs extremely well in Houston. Grows in erect clumps; blue gray, fine-textured foliage reaches 4'. Beige plumes add another foot all winter. Easy, undemanding, tolerant of heat and poor soils. A great specimen or plant in sweeps for a stunning display. Perennial. Full sun.











two close up shots of the blooms of Mooreana Passion Vine - Passiflora sp. An evergreen passion vine that blooms from spring to fall with 3" sky-blue flowers that have a purple halo. The blue-gray foliage with deeply lobed leaves forms a thick tapestry on a fence or arbor. Fast growing once established. Sun or light shade with moist, well drained soil.Close up of blooms and a full Blue Lips Shrub - Sclerochiton harveyanus - A lovely shrubby perennial with blue lipped flowers and glossy green foliage which is small and delicate looking. Nuerouis flowers in the summer are lightly fragrant and attractive to pollinating insects. Fast-growing - best for a semi-shaded area of the garden. likes a rich compost soil mix and well drained soil. Originates from Africa. Great for containers. Takes well to pruning. Protect in a hard freeze.




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