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Ph.D. in Anthropology


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the highest degree offered at LSU. It recognizes and demands mastery of one or more subfields of the discipline. Doctoral students go far beyond the level required for lesser degrees, and their work is expected to be of such quality that it could grace the pages of scholarly books and journals. Although doctoral students are expected to exhibit the intellectual breadth required of an academic position, the Ph.D. is primarily a research degree, and doctoral students should expect to spend little time sitting in undergraduate lecture courses in anthropology, save those needed to remedy deficiencies.

The Ph.D. Program in Anthropology involves a total of 31 hours beyond the master’s degree (at least half at 7000-level+) including:

  1. ANTH 7901 Introduction to Graduate Study (1 hour)
  2. 9 hours of 7000-level courses (excluding 7901) in ANTH
  3. 9 hours in approved cognate fields (including one 7000-level course)
  4. 3 additional hours of 4000 or 7000-level courses
  5. 9 hours dissertation research (ANTH 9000)

Graduate seminars in anthropology include:

  • ANTH7032 Comparative Studies in World Costume
  • ANTH7060 Conversation and Discourse
  • ANTH7070 Ritual: Theory, Context, and Performance
  • ANTH7074 Poetics of Place
  • ANTH7081 Conceptual Issues in Human Evolution
  • ANTH7085 History of Anthropological Thought
  • ANTH7108 Mesoamerican Archaeology Seminar
  • ANTH7200 Human Fertility
  • ANTH7760 Readings in Creolization
  • ANTH7766 Readings in the Caribbean and Louisiana
  • ANTH7901 Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • ANTH7906 Nature of Culture
  • ANTH7909 Selected Topics in Anthropology (e.g., Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Contact Period, Origins of the Genus Homo, Paleopathology)
  • ANTH7936 Advanced Qualitative Research in Geography and Anthropology
  • ANTH7943 Paleoclimatology
  • ANTH7954 Anthropology of Complex Societies
  • ANTH7962 Field Methods in Linguistics


Contact the graduate coordinator in the Department of Geography & Anthropology:

Camille W. Dupuis
227 Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Both current and prospective students can start their enrollment by applying to the LSU Graduate School.

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