Thesis Collection

A record of theses submitted by master's students in the Department of Geography & Anthropology.

Student Year Degree Title
Susich, Nina 2024 MS Paleoclimate Reconstruction of a Haitian Coral Microatoll Using Trace Elements
Sitzman, Anna 2024 MS Heavy Rainfall and New Orleans Neutral Ground Parking Decisions
Fazio, Jordan 2024 MS A Geospatial Analysis of Inland Distance Traveled by Gulf of Mexico Hurricanes
Corkran, Reilly 2024 MS Geospatial Analysis of Historical Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Rainfall in Georgia, United States
Palermo, Aja 2024 MA If Threads Could Talk: Listening to Andean Textiles at the Louisiana State University Museum of Art
Ixta, Itzamara 2024 MA The Ancient Occupation of the East Terrace at Cerro San Isidro, Moro District, Nepeña Valley, Peru
Aguila, Kane 2024 MA Why Own a Gun? An Ethnographic Perspective on Gun Culture in Louisiana 
Payne, Victoria 2023 MA Queerness in Comics: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Many Roles Queer Comics Play in LGBTQIA+ Identity
Blanchard, Madeline 2023 MA Becoming Avian: Amazonian Featherworks from the John P. O’Neill Collection
Camarda, Samantha 2023 MS Translation Speed Influence on Tropical Cyclone Storm Tide and Surge Generation Along the Gulf of Mexico Coast
Murray, Anfernee 2023 MA Don't Forget Me: A Discussion on Social Memory and Commemoration
Kerr, Brandy 2023 MA The Hillman Site (16EBR60): A Glimpse into Pre-Contact South Louisiana
Goff, Cameron 2023 MS An Analysis of Hurricane Laura's Storm Surge in Cameron Parish Using Synthetic Storm Tracks, Climatology, and Statistics
Ornouski, Erika 2023 MS A Stable Isotopic Profile of Atmospheric River Precipitation Impacting Northern California
Brome, Kendall 2022 MS Snapshots of Coastal Ecology During Glacial and Deglacial Intervals: A Multiproxy Assessment of Northern Gulf of Mexico Sediment Cores
Cox, Adam 2022 MS Creating a Public Space for Georeferencing Sanborn Maps: A Louisiana Case Study
Kloostra, Riley 2022 MA The Effects of Burial Practices on the Preservation of Bioarchaeological Remains from Caddo Sites in Northwestern Louisiana
Campbell, Jayla 2022 MA Prevalence Of Collapsed Vertebrae In A Modern Skeletal Sample of Individuals Aged Fifty-Five And Older
Schoeffler, Sadie 2022 MA Unmarked Human Burial Site Policy in Louisiana: Application in Pre-Columbian Context and Community Perspectives
Houkes, Abigail 2022 MA The Utilization of 3D Computerized Tomography (CT) in the Analysis of Volume and Dimensions in the Maxillary Sinus to Evaluate Biological Sex and Population Affinity
Samples, Kaitlin 2022 MA Analysis of the Spindle Whorls and Fishing Weights from the Ancient Maya Trading Port of Moho Cay, Belize
Bowen, Rianna 2022 MA Analysis of Briquetage (Brine-Boiling Pots) at Paynes Creek Salt Works: Implications for Classic Maya Salt Production
Williamson, Sabrina 2022 MA Assessing the Effect Time and Burial Environment have on the Use of the Lamendin Dental Age Estimation Method in Two Archaeological Samples from Jordan
Broussard, Michael 2022 MS SHOCKING: Using Machine Learning Techniques to Nowcast Lightning Strikes from Station Level Data
Lasisi, Tawakalitu 2021 MA Identity Construction in the Yourba Group Project Abroad: Discourse Analysis of Language Use
Fenton, Monica 2021 MA What the Shell? The Zooarchaeology of Cerro San Isidro, Peru,
Autore, Ashlee 2021 MA The Effects of Extreme Weather on Departure Delays at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 2004–2019
Delgado, Juliana 2021 MS Environmental Perception in Colombia's Páramo Protected Areas,
Fussell, Madeline 2021 MA "Airbnb Go Home:" Tourism Frictions and Short-Term Rentals in New Orleans
Lowrance, Kaitlyn 2021 MA Ancient Pottery Making at Cerro San Isidro, Nepeña Valley, Peru
Okonkwo, Moses 2021 MS WILDFIRES: Vegetation Recovery and the Potential for Future Fires
Stein, Michael 2021 MS A Geospatial and Statistical Analysis of Dropout in Louisiana Public High Schools
Walton, April 2021 MA Non-destructive Trace Element Analysis of Burials from Moho Cay, Belize
Amaki, Alexandria 2021 MA Using the Seventh Rib Length and Depth Measurements as a Method to Estimate Ancestry and Sex in Adults
Flynt, Conner 2021 MA Sea-level Rise and Settlement at Ta’ab Nuk Na, Belize: Analyses of Marine Sediment From the I-line, 4m Transect
Goden, Christopher 2021 MA Assessing the Validity of the Estimation of Population Affinity From the Maxillary Hard Palate: An Empirical Approach Using a Modern Forensic Sample
Johnson, Liam 2021 MA Mapping Louisiana's Missing: Spatiotemporal Profiling of Louisiana's Missing Persons- An Experimental Application of Geographic Information Systems and Forensic Anthropology
King, Natalie H. 2021 MA "The Face of the Agency": Interviews with Death Investigators in South Louisiana
Tremblay, Kenneth 2021 MA The Bioarchaeology of the Lake St. Agnes Mound (16AV26) Site: Exploring Diet from Fragmentary Remains
Yin, Lirong 2020 MS Correlation analysis of precipitation and River Flow with the injection and discharge of The Three Gorges Dam and Reservoir
Fox, Kelsey 2020 MA Reconsidering the Obstetrical Dilemma: Correlations Between Head and Pelvic Size
Bennett, Krista 2020 MA Estimation of Age From the Auricular Surface of the Ilium Through the Utilization of 3D Scanning and GIS
Bikowski, Kyle 2020 MA Not All Fun And Gaymes: Technology, Transgression, and Representation Among Gaymers
Deluca, Audrey 2020 MA Moche Juvenile Burial Patterns
Furtner, Margaret 2020 MA Comparing the Accuracy of Close-Range Photogrammetry to microCT Scanning via Surface Deviation Analysis of 3D Digital Models of Hominin Molars
Massamba, Bienvenu 2020 MS Automatic Features Extraction From Time Series Of Passive Microwave Images For Snowmelt Detection Using Deep-Learning – A Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory Autoencoder (Bi-Lstm-Ae) Approach
Mukerji, Ria 2020 MS Changing Geographies of Flood Mitigation Policies: A Case Study of Central, Louisiana
Prigozhina, Alina 2020 MS Accessibility of HIV Testing in Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area
Qiu, Xiaolei 2020 MA Parque Céspedes in Post-revolutionary Santiago de Cuba: The Construction of Tourist and Local Intersections
Tarleton, Andreana 2020 MA Night of the Witch: Alternative Spirituality, Identity and Media
Liu, Shuxian 2019 MS Spatial and Topological Analysis of Urban Land Cover Structure in New Orleans Using Multispectral Aerial Image and Lidar Data
Parfait, Jessica 2019 MA The Effects of Forced Migration on the Houma of Louisiana
Taylor, Ashlee 2019 MA Searching for Galveztown: Employing Multiple Methodologies to Identify Features of the Galveztown Settlement
Aulds, Meredith 2019 MA Sacroiliac Joint Fusion in Nulliparous and Parous Females and Males
Blevins, Brittney 2019 MA Estimating Sex Using the Human Mandibular Canine
Bumgardner, Jude 2019 MA Monumental Discourse: Elite and Grassroots Disputes Over White Supremacist Monuments in New Orleans
Latham, Sarah 2019 MA "Sir, I Cannot Entertain You": Tour Guides as Agents of Truth and Transformation at the Whitney Plantation
Otero, Antonio R. 2019 MA Using Entheseal Length to Infer Locomotor Type
Reck, Sophia 2019 MA A Retrospective Analysis and Method Validation of Postmortem Interval Estimation in Louisiana
McCurley, Christopher 2019 MS Finding A Place: Issues in Geography Education
Deng, Yirui 2019 MS Flood Resilience Assessment of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina based on Thermal and Vegetation Index Image Time Series
Grondin, Nicholas S. 2019 MS Climatology, Variability, and Return Periods of Tropical Cyclone Strikes in the Northeastern and Central Pacific Basins
Haggerty, Kelly 2019 MS The Garbage That We Eat: Metabolizing Food-Waste in New Orleans, Louisiana
Tu, Le 2019 MS Downscaling SMAP Soil Moisture Data Using MODIS Data
Vara, Marissa 2018 MS A Novel Multiproxy Approach to Reconstructing Sea Surface Temperature in the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico
Thompson, Derek 2018 MS Construction of a Tropical Cyclone Size Dataset using Retroactive Analysis Data with a Damage Application
Perham, Robert 2018 MS Understanding “Southern” Identities and Confederate Iconography: Internal Orientalism, (mis)Representation, and Social Media
Jamil, Raihan 2018 MS An Evaluation of the Utility of a Mass-Weighted Frequency Distribution of Sediment for Modeling Aeolian Transport Rates
Gauthreaux III, Robert 2018 MS Dew Point Variability in the Southeast United States with an Emphasis on Extremes from 1956-2016
Groll, S.K. 2018 MA "If You Stand On This Corner, People Know What You're About": Powerful Geographies Of Airline & Goodwood in #JusticeForAlton
Emamjomeh, Aram 2018 MA "چقدر ایرانی هستم؟ در جستجوی هویتم" (How Iranian Am I Still? In Search of My Identity): 21st-Century Iranian Immigrant Identity Formation in the United States
Weaver, Kobi 2018 MA Analysis of Marine Sediment by Chemical Signatures and Loss On Ignition to Discover Evidence of Ancient Maya Activities at Site 74, Paynes Creek Salt Work, Belize
Hart, Emilee 2018 MA The Metacarpal Ratio (2Mc:4Mc) and Its Relation to Sexual Dimorphism in Primates with Different Mating Strategies
Chan, Ling Yi 2018 MS An Index for Measuring Community Resilience to Flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ayers, Samuel 2018 MA Providing Information and Public Outreach Across Three U.S. State Archeology Offices during the Age of Open Access
Berryhill, Lucie Rivers 2017 MA Examining Limestone Use at Byrd Hammock South (8WA30), Wakulla County, FL
Wiegers, Emily Faith 2017 MA Language Use in Forensic Settings
Stanco, Alyxandra Leigh 2017 MA Vertebral Pathologies and Implications for Economic Lifestyle Changes in Two Prehistoric Skeletal Populations
Neuman, Maddisen 2017 MA A Comparative Study of the Effects of River Flow Rates on Decomposition
O'Keefe, Joseph Michael 2017 MA Feasting in Florida: Evidence of Swift Creek Ceremonial Feasting and Multi-Group Interactions at Byrd Hammock South (8WA30), Wakulla County, FL
Johnson, Kelsey Paige 2017 MA Ancient Maya Obsidian Trade: Arvin's Landing and Foster Farm, Belize
Collins, Coryn Ann 2017 MS Impacts of ENSO on Tornado Frequency, Intensity, and Geography Across the Eastern United States
Jesch, Jacob 2017 MA Scaling Relationship Between Cranial Morphological Features and Cranial Capacity in Modern Humans
Brady, Jana 2017 MS Reading Between the Vines: Analyzing Climate Change Adaptive Capacity in the Tulbagh Valley Wine Industry, South Africa
Sutherland, Kenneth Edward 2017 MA Pots, Pans, and Politics: Feasting in Early Horizon Nepeña, Peru
Bodoh, Dominique Marie 2017 MA Non Metric Cranial Differentiation Between Asian and Native American Populations for Ancestry Assessment
Hull, Lauren 2017 MS Decompos(t)ing the Garden: Hybrid Geographies of Baton Rouge Urban Gardens
Yuan, Jianguo 2017 MS Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tropical Cyclone Strikes in Japan
Dilores, Kurt Daniel 2017 MA Evidence of Sea-level Rise Shown From Analysis of Marine Sediment at Five Underwater Sites at The Paynes Creek Salt Works, Belize
Wayne, Christy Rose 2016 MA Metric Variation in the Human Sacrum: Costal Process Length Among Black and White South Africans
Huang, Jing 2016 MS Detecting the Spatial Patterns of Blue-green Algae in Harsha Lake using Landsat 8 Imagery
Miller, Michelle Nicole 2016 MA Ceramic Technology, Production, and Exchange as Seen through Macroscopic Analysis of Pottery Fragments from the Early Horizon Center Caylán, Nepeña Valley, Peru
Punkasem, Thana-On 2016 MS Effects of Weather Hazards on Traffic Volume: A Case Study Focused on Atlanta, GA
Thomas, Mallory Nance 2016 MS Tropospheric Ozone Prediction with Land Cover Regression in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jordan, Erin Colleen 2016 MA Turning the Table Over: Collaboration and Critique at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Siebenkittel, Ray 2016 MA Glue Sticks and Gaffs: Disassembling the Drag Queening Body
Smith, Deirdre 2016 MS Lightning Flash Rate in the Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela Related to Sea Surface Temperatures and Tropospheric Air Flow
Sokol, Nicholas 2016 MS A Climatological Exploration of Land Change and Land Use on Lightning Patterns Over Louisiana
Wyatt, Sara O'Neil 2015 MA A Study of the Effectiveness of a Common Household Chemical for Maceration
Franklin, Ashley Marie 2015 MA Comparison of Occlusal Area and Postcanine Mesiodistal Length in Old World and New World Monkeys
Zhang, Lijie 2015 MS Measuring Primary Health Care Accessibility in Mississippi State Using an Extended Kernel Density 2SFCA Method
Kuai, Xuan 2015 MS Examining Healthy Food Accessibility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Using A Huff-modified 2SFCA Method
Warner, Jacob Pate 2015 MA Production, Discard, and Urban Life at the Early Horizon Center of Caylán, Coastal Peru
Noack, Tonje Bakke 2015 MA Sexual Dimorphism in the Crania in a Norwegian Sample
Robles, Herman Nick 2015 MS Investigating Prehistoric Exchange in New Zealand: Portable XRF and Spatial Analysis of South Island Obsidian
Hurtubise, Jenna Renee 2015 MA Mortuary Practices and Social Identity at the Late Middle Sicán Matrix 101, Lambayeque Valley, Peru
Hiers, Chaney 2015 MA Assessment of Age at Weaning for Post-Contact Maya of Tipu, Belize, Using Stable Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Isotope Ratios
Whitten, Ashley Nichols 2015 MA Early Horizon Community Organization and Neighborhoods as Seen Through the Spatial Analysis of Residential Architecture at the Urban Center of Caylán, Peru
Tucker, Clay 2015 MS Dendrotempestology: Identifying the Statistical Relationship Between Hurricanes and Tree Growth in the Pine Savannas of Coastal Mississippi
Pino, Jordan Vick 2015 MS Impacts of the Three-Dimensional Oceanic Thermal Structure and Translation Speed on Tropical Cyclogenesis and Intensity Fluctuations during the 2005 North Atlantic Hurricane Season
Gao, Shu 2015 MS Shallow Water Depth Inversion Based on Data Mining Models
Hochstein, Lucy Ann Edwards 2014 MA The Frontal Bone as a Proxy for Sex Estimation in Humans: A Geometric Morphometric Analysis
Cropley, Peter Albert 2014 MA Digital Image Analysis of Selected Tchefuncte and Alexander Series Ceramics
Klein, Nicole Suzanne 2014 MA A Comparative Study of Human Decomposition Research Facilities in the United States: The Role of “Body Farms” in Forensic Applications
Cantu, Maximilian Hiram 2014 MA Animal Scavenging on Human Skeletal Remains in the Southwest United States: A Preliminary Model
Moats, Heather Marie 2014 MA Can You Hear the People Sing: Community Theater, Play, and the Middle Class
Buchanan, Shelby 2014 MA Bone Modification in Male to Female Transgender Surgeries: Considerations for the Forensic Anthropologist
Treloar, James Steven 2014 MA Early Horizon Defensive Structures and the Role of Warfare in the Lower Nepena Valley, Peru
Jackson, Miley Page 2014 MA Natural Isoscapes of Louisiana: Stable Isotope Analysis of Oxygen, Carbon, and Strontium
Chouest, Matthew James 2014 MA Caves and Class: Excavations at the Lang-Jourdan House in Mandeville, Louisiana
Beebe, Karen Leigh 2014 MA The Feasibility of Creating a 3D Digital Skeletal Collection for Research Purposes and Museum Use
Gardner, Jennifer Patricia 2014 MA Electrical Resistivity Employed at the Livonia Mound Site (16PC1), Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana
Jones, Rebekah Danielle 2014 MS Quantifying the Impact of Hurricanes, Mid-latitude Cyclones and Other Weather and Climate Extreme Events on the Mississippi-Alabama Barrier Islands using Remotely Sensed Data
Maass, Audrey 2014 MS Adapting Resilience to a New Hazard: Oil and Oysters in Coastal Louisiana
Ikram, Samina Zahid 2014 MS Disparities in Accessibility to Pharmacies: A Case Study in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Thibodeaux, Brian 2014 MA Inferences of Subsistence Activities Using Musculoskeletal Stress Markers of Humerii from Two Louisiana Archaeological Populations
Fan, Shuzhan 2014 MS The Spatial-Temporal Prediction of Various Crime Types in Houston, TX Based on Hot-Spot Techniques
Bangs, Paul Max 2014 MA Decomposition at Three Aquatic and Terrestrial Sites in Southern Louisiana
Baldridge, Mallory 2014 MA An Analysis of Osteoarthritis of the Upper Limbs in the Tchefuncte Site (16ST1)
Farris, Rachael Ann 2014 MA Decomposition and Entomological Associations of Swine in Louisiana Micro-environments
Town, Jr., A. Hays 2013 MS A Case History of Use and Management of the Baton Rouge Fresh Water Aquifer System
Billiot, Amanda Michelle 2013 MS A Hybrid Procedure for Classifying Synoptic Weather Types for Louisiana with an Application to Precipitation Variability
Newsom, Matthew 2013 MA All-Women's Flat Track Roller Derby: Gender, Psychoanalysis, and Meaning
Tollefson, William 2013 MS Effect of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Conditions on Agricultural Spray Drift
Spann, Tamara Lynn 2013 MA Salt of the Maya: Evidence of Prehispanic Salt Production and Architectural Function at the Eleanor Betty Site, Paynes Creek National Park, Belize
Robert, Lawrence Keenan 2013 MS Constructing Geographic Areas for Homicide Research: A Case Study of New Orleans, Louisiana
Hubbard, Audriana 2013 MA The Blessing of the Fleet: Heritage and Identity in Three Gulf Coast Communities
Kittoe, Amanda Grace 2013 MA On Human Biological Diversity: Variation in Sexual Dimorphism of the Skull between African-Americans and European-Americans
McNabb, Caitlyn Yoshiko 2013 MA Emergent Irrigation Agriculture and Settlement Patterns in the Lower Nepeña Valley, North-Central Coast of Peru
Heim, Kelly 2013 MA Secular Change in the Rate of Dental Impaction
Maier, Christopher Allan 2013 MA Palate Shape and Depth: A Shape Matching and Machine Learning Method for Assessment of Ancestry from Skeletal Remains
Kerry, Emley 2013 MA Backpacker Selves in a Hostel: Discourse, Identity, and Existential Authenticity
Rudie, Chantae Tekla 2013 MA Invisible Architecture: Underwater Excavation of Site 77, Paynes Creek National Park, Belize
Digilormo, Jamie Rene 2013 MA Three From The Bottom: Examining Racial and Ethnic Identity Among Italian Americans in Bossier City
Zhang, Ling 2012 MS GIS-Based Spatial Analysis of Place Names in Yunnan, China
Core, Chelsea 2012 MS Spatial Assessment and Analysis of Pollution Sources and Water Quality in the Bogue Falaya River and Abita River Watersheds, St. Tammany Parish, LA
Williams, Shaun E. 2012 MS Accessibility to Public High Schools and School Performance in Metropolitan Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1990-2010
Keaton, Michael Anne 2012 MA Effect of Embalming on the Decomposition of Pigs
Chaisson, Samantha Kay 2012 MA Drought in Georgia: Water Scarcity Issues and Implications
Wang, Weijie 2012 MS Modeling Population Patterns in New Orleans 2000-2010: A Density Function Approach
Brown, Rebecca Muriel 2012 MA Investigations at the Toncrey Site (16PL7): Analysis of a Late Prehistoric Site in Extreme Southern Louisiana
Elrod, Paige Whitney 2012 MA The Potential of the Angle of the First Rib, Head to Tubercle, in Sexing Adult Individuals in Forensic Contexts
Doucet, Julie Ann 2012 MA Oysters and Marine Catfish: Resource Exploitation at Rollins Shell Ring, Ft. George Island, FL
Wrenn, Margaret Kathryn 2012 MA Designing Pots: Determining Orange Incised Design Variation and Distribution at the Rollins Shell Ring Site and the Guana Shell Ring Site in Florida
Clement, Beverly Marie 2012 MA Late Formative Plant Use and Diet at Caylán (Peru) as Seen Through the Analysis of Macrobotanical Remains and Human Feces
Beckage, Stephen 2012 MS An Analysis of Tropical Storm Surge Trends for the Atlantic Coast of the United States
Kea, Jordan Rebecca 2012 MA "Condoms and Candy": Pro-choice Students on Campus
Pfeiffer, Martin Edward 2012 MA "Crappy New Year": Evaluation, Stance, and Drinking Stories
Whipp, Michelle D. 2012 MA Identification of Blood Protein in Louisiana Clay Soil
Wolf, Garrett Charles 2012 MA A City and Its River: An Urban Political Ecology of The Loop and Bridgeport in Chicago
Hanks, Gentry Powell 2011 MA "We Live in a Used World:" Cultural Geographies of American Garage Sales
Helmer, Matthew Ryan 2011 MA Social Life and Ancient Andean Public Landscapes: Actions and Performances as Seen Through the Use of a 1st Millennium BCE Plaza at Caylán, Peru
Rosado Ramirez, Roberto 2011 MA Analysis of Marine Sediment of Prehispanic Maya Saltworks 24 and 35 in Paynes Creek National Park, Southern Belize
Grace, Emily 2011 MA Demography, Paleopathology, and Health Status of the Moche Remains in Huambacho, Peru: A Comprehensive Osteological Analysis
McQuinn, Bonnie Charlana 2011 MA Impact of Embalming and Burial on Decomposition Rates and Diffusion of Volatile Fatty Acids in Kentucky
Kauffeld, Valerie 2011 MA Decomposition Rates in Tobacco and Hay Barns in Kentucky
Giancarlo, Alexandra 2011 MA The Lower Ninth Ward: Resistance, Recovery, and Renewal
Jones, Audra Leigh 2011 MA Animal Scavengers as Agents of Decomposition: The Postmortem Succession of Louisiana Wildlife
Harlan, David Patrick 2010 MS Changing Perceptions of Archeology in Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Geographic Information Perspective
Needham, Hal 2010 MS Identifying Historic Storm Surges and Calculating Storm Surge Return Periods for the Gulf of Mexico Coast
French, Kellye Alyse 2010 MA Head Shaping of the Ancient Maya at Wild Cane Cay and Moho Cay, Belize
McCann, Jessie Frances 2010 MS Synoptic Circulation of the North American Monsoon System and Precipitation within the Lower Colorado River Basin
Driskell, Luke 2010 MS Mapping the digital divide in neighborhoods: Wi-Fi access in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Renke, Sophia 2010 MA Using Algae to Estimate Postmortem Submersion Interval in a Louisiana Bayou
Roberts, Michael 2010 MS Dry Event Trends and Frequencies in the South Central United States
Mince, Sylvia Starns 2010 MA The Power Struggle Between Americans and Creoles in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century and Its Influence on the Architecture of New Orleans
Broussard, Jonathan Mark 2010 MA Waging Word Wars: A Discourse Analysis of the Patterns of Norse Masculinity Presented through Mannjafnaor in the Icelandic Sagas
Brignac Jr, Harry Gene 2010 MA Further Investigations into the King George Island Mounds Site (16LV22)
Robinson, Jermaine Carl 2010 MA Mixed-Race Ancestry and Its Impact on the Facial Reconstruction Process
Crider, Stephanie Marie 2010 MA Ancestry Determination from Foramen Magnum
Smith, Nicole Elizabeth 2010 MA Demography, Health Status, and Mortuary Rituals of the Late Woodland Poole-Rose Ossuary, Ontario, Canada: A Study of the Clavicles
Miller, Kara E. 2010 MA In Sickness and In Health: Experiencing Medical Spaces in Mbarara (Uganda)
Wilson, Teresa Veronica 2009 MA Estimating Age at Death by Examining the Crystallite Size of Hydroxylapatite in Human Teeth
Pharr, Lauren Rebecca 2009 MA A Taphonomic Model of Concealment: Decomposition and the Postmortem Interval (PMI) in a 55-Gallon Barrel
Matthews, Jessica Susan 2009 MA Moving Over Mountains: A Woman on the Appalachian Trail
Canfield, Alicia 2009 MA Putting a Face on Prehistory: Reconstructing Late-Mississippian Faces
Qin, Xiaojun 2009 MS A Social Vulnerability-Based Genetic Algorithm to Locate-Allocate Transit Bus Stops for Disaster Evacuation in New Orleans, Louisiana
Hribal, Sean Allen 2009 MS Crop Coefficients for Cotton in Northeastern Louisiana
Debnam, Kristopher Ian 2009 MA A Sense of Community and Community Change: An Ethnographic Study of a Contemporary Louisiana Juke Joint as it Compares to Historical Literature on the Subject
Huang, Yun 2009 MS Sediment Records of Modern and Prehistoric Hurricane Strikes in Weeks Bay, Alabama
Caparotta, Stephen 2008 MS The Madden-Julian Oscillation and Tropical Cyclone Frequency Variability
Arden, William Brennan 2008 MA Medical Geography in Public Health and Tropical Medicine: Case Studies from Brazil
Knowles, Jason Thomas 2008 MS A 5000-Year History of Caribbean Environmental Change and Hurricane Activity Reconstructed from Coastal Lake Sediments of the West Indies
Burke, Rachel Marie 2008 MA Can We Estimate Stature from the Scapula? A Test Considering Sex and Ancestry
Baumer, Lisa Elaine 2008 MA Evidence of Pulmonary Disease in the Poole-Rose Ossuary Population: An Analysis of the Ribs
Gulyas, Sandor 2008 MA Creating a Blues Playground: A Comparison of Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, and Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi
Voisin, Erin Elizabeth 2008 MA Saint Malo Remembered
Cranston, Wayne Anthony 2008 MA Survey of Forensically-Important Calliphoridae in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies
Schwartz, Carey M 2008 MA A Matter of Questionable Death: An Analysis of Physical Child Abuse
McMenamin , Erin 2008 MA Databasing the Disappeared and Deceased: A Review of the Resources Available in Missing and Unidentified Persons Cases
Cohen, Jessie Chaiya 2008 MA Africanisms and Cultural Modifications: A Study at Southall Quarter, Williamsburg, Virginia
Hathorn, Jennifer Hellean 2008 MS Paleoecology and Paleotempestology of the Pascagoula Marsh, Mississippi
Struchtemeyer, Dena Lyn 2008 MA Separate But Equal?: The Archeology of an Early Twentieth Century African American School
Osborn, Michelle Lynn 2008 MA Effects of Handedness on the Skull and Shoulder Bones
Bleichner, Barry James 2008 MS An Analysis of Marine Protected Areas Legislation in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles
Crocker, Elizabeth Thomas 2008 MA A Trinity of Beliefs and a Unity of the Sacred: Modern Vodou Practices in New Orleans
Feike, Meredith Morgan 2007 MA Logging-on to Sai Baba: The Poetics of Sacred Globalization
Sills, Elizabeth Cory 2007 MA The Architecture of Ancient Maya Saltmaking: Distribution and Analysis of Preserved Wooden Posts at the John Spang Site in Paynes Creek National Park, Belize
Andrews, Alexa Jo 2007 MS Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tropical Storm and Hurricane Strikes in the Bahamas, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles
Morris, Zoe Hensley 2007 MA Quantitative and Spatial Analysis of the Microscopic Bone Structures of Deer (Odocoileus virginianus), Dog (Canis familiaris), and Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)
Sills, Elizabeth Cory 2007 MA The Architecture of Ancient Maya Saltmaking: Distribution and Analysis of Preserved Wooden Posts at the John Spang Site in Paynes Creek National Par, Belize
Kemp, Michael Ulric 2007 MS Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Solar Radiation in Louisiana
Boquin, Gerardo J 2007 MS A Geographical Investigation of Chagas' Disease Risk in the Community of La Brea, Guatemala
Antipova, Anzhelika 2007 MA Hurricane Andrew and Pregnancies in Louisiana
Chan, Wing Nam Joyce 2007 MA In Vivo Facial Tissue Depth Study of Chinese-Americans in New York City
DeLaune, Jonathan Zachary 2007 MA Unwelcome Neighbors? Industrial Growth and Water Pollution in Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1940-1960
Blackwelder, Katherine Ann 2007 MA Reevaluating Age in Subadult Remains in Response to Secular Changes in Skeletal Growth
McKenna, Winston 2007 MS An Evolutionary Model of Parabolic Dune Development: Blowout to Mature Parabolic, Padre Island National Seashore, Texas
Zamanian, Ramin David 2007 MA A Material/Conceptual Landscape Analysis of the Virgin of Guadalupe Pilgrimage Site in Mexico City, Mexico
Polizzi, Kristina Elaine 2007 MA Dragons Behind Glass: Views of China and Japan in Three American Museums
Wang, Guiyuan 2007 MA Voices in Cultural Heritage Preservation: A Comparative Study between New Orleans and Changting (China)
Pal, Tania 2007 MS Accuracy Assessment of Individually Calibrated Journey-To-Crime Geographic Profiling Models
Bianchette, Thomas 2007 MS Using Hurricane Ivan as a Modern Analog in Paleotempestology: Lake Sediment Studies and Environmental Analysis in Gulf Shores, Alabama
Schmutz, Phillip P. 2007 MS Investigation of Utility of Delta-T Theta Probe for Obtaining Surficial Moisture Measurements on Beaches
Klingerman, Katherine Marie 2006 MA Binding Femininity: An Examination of the Effects on Tightlacing on the Female Pelvis
Hanebrink, Julia Rose 2006 MA Datum is Only Skin Deep: In Vivo Measurements of Facial Tissue Thickness in Chimpanzees
Reed, Amanda Kelly 2006 MA Companion Animals as Being-Objects: The Role of the Self/Other Binary in the Human-Animal Bond
Landry, Bryan Michael 2006 MS Green Hydrogen: Site Selection Analysis for Potential Biomass Hydrogen Production Facility in the Texas-Louisiana Coastal Region
Buras, Karly Laine 2006 MA Are Enzymes Accurate Indicators of Postmortem Interval? A Biochemical Analysis
Carraher, Sarah Sally 2006 MA The Body Politic: Splitting Gender Medically in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
Challuri, Sainath 2006 MS An Analysis of Public Transit Accessibility Using the Distance Constrained P-Median Problem Approach: Bus Stop Consolidation for the Capital Area Transit System of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Moreno, Melissa L. 2006 MA The Agriculturalists of the Poole-Rose Ossuary: A Study of the Femora and Tibiae
Matassa, Elizabeth Healy 2006 MA Whaddya Want? It's Coney Island!: Tourism, Play and Memory in the Illegible City
Dillon, Erica 2006 MA New Programs in the Old Asylum: The Deinstitutionalization of Long-Term Psychiatric Hospital Patients in Argentina
Booth, Jennifer Lynn 2006 MS Influence of Controlled Density Arrays of Natural and Artificial Vegetation on Flow Field Characteristics
Wydra, Michelle M. 2006 MA From the Top Down and the Bottom Up: the Contemporary Practice and Choice of Midwifery in Louisiana
Pennington, Chris 2006 MS Burn Scar Mapping in the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Using Landsat TM and ETM+ Imagery
Edwards, Brandon 2006 MS Investigation of the Effects  of Detached Breakwaters at Holly Beach and Grand Isle, Louisiana
Gremillion, Abigail L 2005 MA Insect Colonization of Child-Sized Remains and Delay of Post Mortem Interval: An Exploratory Study in the Behavioral Analysis of Pig Carcasses Via 24 Hour High Resolution Video Surveillance
Fullen, Steven Ray 2005 MA Temporal Trends in Tchula Period Pottery in Louisiana
Penney, Adrienne Elizabeth 2005 MA Analysis of the Talus and Calcaneus Bones from the Poole-Rose Ossuary: A Late Woodland Burial Site in Ontario, Canada
Yermakhanova, Olga A. 2005 MA Kingship, Structures and Access Patterns on the Royal Plaza at the Ancient Maya City of Altun Ha, Belize: The Construction of a Maya GIS
Williamson, Christian 2005 MA Sacred Trust: The Voluntary Removal and Reburial of Human Remains from a Historic Cemetery in Louisiana
Madimenos, Felicia 2005 MA Dental Evidence for Division of Labor among the Prehistoric Ipiutak and Tigara of Point Hope, Alaska
Farritor, David 2005 MA Using Brownfield Redevelopment to Mitigate Technological Hazards in Shreveport, Louisiana
Couvillion, Brady Randall 2005 MS Spatial Heterogeneity in Forested Landscapes: An Examination of Forest Fragmentation and Suburban Sprawl in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana
Russell, Mary Jane Duke 2005 MA Yellow Fever in the Felicianas: The Epidemic of 1878 and Its Effects upon the Residents of These Rural Parishes
Hurst, Christopher Aubrey 2005 MA Sinker Cypress: Treasures of a Lost Landscape
Price, Suzanne 2005 MA A Radiographic Study of the Impact of Race and Sex on 1st and 2nd Molar Development
Hahn, Sara Anne 2005 MA The Matas "Barn," Robin Plantion (16SL66), St. Landry Parish, Louisiana History and Archeology of a Nineteenth Century Milk House
Ostrom, Kelli 2005 MA Vernacular Exposures at the Aillet House: Anthropological Interpretations of Material Culture and Cultural Change
Roberts, Erika Sabine 2005 MA Digging Through Discarded Identity: Archaeological Investigations around the Kitchen and the Overseer's House at Whitney Plantation, Louisiana
Arden, William Brennan 2005 MA Urban Yellow Fever Diffusion Patterns and the Role of Micro-Environmental Factors in Disease Dissemination: A Temporal-Spatial Analysis of the Memphis Epidemic of 1878
Vaidya, Varada Vasant 2005 MS East African Hydroclimatic Variability: 1950-1999
Collier, Jamie Hughes 2005 MA Estimating the Postmortem Interval in Forensic Cases through the Analysis of Postmortem Deterioration of Human Head Hair
LeBlanc, Tracy Rene 2005 MA "Is There A Translator in the House?": Cultural and Discourse Analysis of a Virtual Speech Community on an Internet Message Board
Truesdell, Nicole Danielle 2005 MA Secular Change in the Skull between American Blacks and Whites
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