PhD / MS Theses

Doctoral Dissertations

Sharma Thankachan, 2014, “Space- Efficient Data Structures for String Searching and Retrieval.” 

Lin Xue, 2014, "A Study on Fairness and Latency Issues over High Speed Networks and Data Center Networks."

Chen Cui, 2013, "Study on the Performance of TCP over 10 Gbps High Speed Networks."

Shuju Bai, 2013, “A Hybrid Framework of Iterative MapReduce and MPI for Molecular Dynamics Applications.”

Williams Duncan, 2013, “Gene Set Based Ensemble Methods for Cancer Classification.”

Jiang Lei, 2013, “On-the-Fly Tracing for Data-Centric Computing: Parallelization, Workflow and Applications.”

Jerry S. Weltman, 2013, “Toward Digitizing the Human Experience: A New Resource for Natural Language Processing.”

Hongyi Chen, 2013, “Program Analysis: Termination Proofs for Linear Simple Loops.”

John W. Burris, 2012, “Conformance Testing of Peer-to-Peer Systems Using Message Analysis.”

Zheng Lu, 2012, “Deductive Formal Verification of Embedded Systems.”

Manuel A. Peralta, 2012, “Perpetual Requirements Engineering.”

Alfred Samman, 2012,  “A New Model for Coalition Formation Games.” 

Cornelius Toole, 2012, “Software Architectural Support for Tangible User Interfaces in Distributed, Heterogeneous Computing Environments.”

David Trammell, 2012, “Cluster Based Jamming and Countermeasures
for Wireless Sensor Network MAC Protocols.”

Xinqi Wang, 2012, “Semantically- Aware Data Discovery and Placement in Collaborative Computing Environments.”

David Sathiaraj, “Identification of Critical Nuggets During Classification Tasks.”