Message from the Chair

Michael Benton Welcome to the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE) at Louisiana State University. Our department embodies the highest standards of academic excellence, innovation, and dedication to diversity and inclusion that define the LSU College of Engineering and the prestigious institution at large. Here, you will engage with our committed and invaluable staff, distinguished faculty, dedicated lecturers and researchers, and, of course, the heart of our department – our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

The LSU Chemical Engineering department is renowned for the quality of our academic programs and for our extensive and impactful research initiatives. Our faculty are at the forefront of pioneering work in energy and sustainability, advanced materials, biochemical engineering, computational modeling, and process systems engineering.  

Students in our department benefit from a multidisciplinary and experiential learning environment that starts with a solid foundation in the core principles of chemical engineering before expanding into broader engineering concepts and their application to solving contemporary technological challenges. Beyond individual faculty research programs, students collaborate extensively with researchers in the many interdisciplinary centers and institutes affiliated with our department, including the Center for Computation and Technology, the Shared Instrumentation Facility, and the Center of Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD). We actively encourage our undergraduates to participate in research, and we take pride in the prominent level of student involvement in these innovative projects.  

Our website is designed to help you explore the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by our department, learn about the research interests and achievements of our faculty, and stay informed about our events and news. For more information or to schedule a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Michael G. Benton 
Bernard S. Pressburg Professor  
Department Chair of Chemical Engineering