Areas of Specialization


Energy: Arges, Benton, Bharti, Ding, Dooley, Dorman, Flake, GriffinLawrence, Nandakumar, Shelton, Spivey, Wornat, Xu

Environmental: Bharti, DormanLawrence, McPeak, Melvin, Nandakumar, Thompson, Valsaraj, Wornat

Biochemical: Benton, Melvin

Advanced Computations: BhartiLawrence, Nandakumar, Romagnoli, Shelton, Thompson, Xu

Process Systems Engineering: Romagnoli

Catalysis: Ding, Dooley, Dorman, Flake, Griffin, McPeak, Shelton, Spivey, Xu

Materials: Arges, Bharti, Ding, Dorman, Flake, Griffin, LawrenceMcPeak, Melvin, Shelton, Xu


Prof. Christopher G. Arges

Energy, Materials

Current Research: Advanced materials for electrochemical processes used in the water-energy nexus – water treatment and energy storage and conversion; integration of advanced materials into electrochemical processes; investigation of material and system performance using advanced metrology and in-situ diagnostics

Prof. Michael G. Benton

Energy, Biochemical

Current Research: Genomics - the role of DNA damage response in cancer prevention; biosensors for the enhanced detection of carcinogens; metabolic engineering of yeast for increased ethanol production

Prof. Bhuvnesh Bharti

Energy, Environmental, Advanced Computations, Materials

Current Research: Nanoscience; colloids and surface science; soft matter and complex fluids

Prof. Kunlun Ding

Energy, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Catalysis; materials chemistry; spectroscopy

Prof. Kerry M. Dooley

Energy, Catalysis

Current Research: Catalysis - supported acids and mixed metal oxides; synthesis/characterization - rare earth oxide catalysts and energetic material/catalyst composite materials; hydrogenation/dehydrogenation

Prof. James A. Dorman

Energy, Environmental, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Nanostructure synthesis; charge recombination kinetics (light-emitting diodes, photocatalysis); defect engineering in metal oxides (supercapacitors); semiconductor engineering (photovoltaics); hybrid solar cells

Prof. John C. Flake

Energy, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Electrochemical processes and materials; energy storage technology - electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction and materials for lithium batteries

Prof. Gregory L. Griffin

Energy, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Preparing improved electrodes for electrochemical conversion of CO2 into usable fuels and chemicals; colloidal and electrochemical methods for preparing nanoparticle electrodes

Prof. Jimmy Lawrence

Energy, Environmental, Advanced Computations, Materials

Current Research: Functional polymers and nanomaterials; nano-mesoscale assemblies; stimuli responsive-adaptive materials; continuous/scale-up preparation of high performance and advanced materials

Prof. Kevin M. McPeak

Environmental, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Photocatalysis; plasmonic materials; nanoscale chirality

Prof. Adam T. Melvin

Environmental, Biochemical, Materials

Current Research:multidisciplinary approach in the development and implementation of new technologies and methods to assess biological phenomena using engineering principles: peptide biosensor development; microfluidics; single cell analysis and tracking; quantifications of ubiquitin-proteasome kinetics, algal growth and migration dynamics; environmental chemodynamics

Prof. Krishnaswamy Nandakumar

Energy, Environmental, Advanced Computations

Current Research: Integrating multi-scale, multi-physics processes to understand the impact of turbulent transport on mass transfer and reaction processes - focusing on the design of a novel bio-reactor and a bubble column; modeling of near well transport processes in the presence of surfactants using multiphase CFD to understand the impact of deep water oil spills; using DNS and DPM framework to study fundamental problems of spontaneous pattern formation and dynamics of fluid-particle suspensions; driven cavity problem of granular flows, suspension dynamics, bubble column dynamics, fractal distributors and mixers, multiphase coalescers, in-situ pyrolysis of shale deposits

Prof. Jose A. Romagnoli

Advanced Computations, Process Systems Engineering

Current Research: Process Systems Engineering (PSE); advanced multi-scale modelling architectures for complex processes; advanced multiresolution image analysis and characterization techniques; design and synthesis with economic-environmental-operability considerations; intelligent data processing, reconciliation, monitoring; advanced process control; enterprise-wide optimization

Prof. William A. Shelton

Energy, Advanced Computations, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Catalysis; alloy theory; chemistry - surface science

Prof. James J. Spivey

Energy, Catalysis

Current Research: Catalytic conversion of syngas into clean fuels; fuel processing; C1 catalysis—methane conversion; biomass-derived syngas to higher hydrocarbons and oxygenates; fuel reforming

Prof. Karsten E. Thompson

Environmental, Advanced Computations

Current Research: Porous materials—microscale fluid mechanics, interfacial and multiphase behavior, dispersion, solute and particle transport; materials processing; oilfield processes; environmental transport; separations; developing computational modeling techniques, particularly for pore-scale and multiscale modeling

Prof. Kalliat T. Valsaraj


Current Research: Transformations of pollutants on atmospheric aerosols – fog, rain, ice, snow; mercury sequestration in sediments; studies on chemical dispersant design for sub-sea oil/gas spill

Prof. Mary Julia (Judy) Wornat

Energy, Environmental

Current Research: High-temperature fuel-conversion processes such as pyrolysis and combustion; formation of environmental pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and soot; gas-phase, heterogeneous, and supercritical-phase reactions; analytical techniques for the compositional determination of complex organic mixtures

Prof. Ye Xu

Energy, Advanced Computations, Catalysis, Materials

Current Research: Theoretical and computational investigation of surface chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, and reaction mechanisms; computational heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis; rational design of catalytic materials; energy conversion and storage