Information for Teachers

High school teachers play a crucial role in the LSU Dual Enrollment (DE) Program. They facilitate the delivery of course content and assess their high school students. They collaborate closely with the LSU faculty member who serves as the Instructor of Record for the course.

DE Teacher Benefits

  • Receive training and certification in the course content of the DE course from LSU.
  • Gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the course content required for success in college courses.
  • Learn new and effective delivery models.
  • Form a professional network with other teachers who participate in the DE program.

DE Teacher Requirements

  • Complete the Summer Training Institute to become certificated to participate in the program and facilitate the LSU courses.
  • Facilitate the LSU courses in your classrooms using the (unaltered) course materials, syllabi, assessments, and grading scales provided by LSU.
  • Follow all policy guidelines from the LSU Instructor of Record.

Training Schedule 2024

Department New Facilitator Training Dates Refresher/ALL Facilitator Training Dates
Art June 10-14  June 10th
Chemistry June 10-14 July 1st
Music & Computer Science June 10-14 June 10th
Education June 5-6; June 26-27  July 15th
English June 16 - July 16, July 17-18 July 19th
Engineering June 10-14 June 10th
History June 4-7 May 31st
Math June 4-7 July 15th
Spanish May 23 -24 July 24th

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