Getting Started

Becoming a Dual Enrollment Provider

To begin the enrollment process as a dual enrollment provider, the high school should initiate contact with the Cain Center at to request more information or reach out to specific Department Contacts (DE Coordinators) for details on the desired courses. It is crucial for high school personnel to engage in effective communication with Department DE Coordinators at this stage to ensure proper planning.

Every year, on March 1, high schools receive the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the upcoming academic year. The MoU should be completed and returned no later than April 15. Upon receiving the completed and signed MoU, LSU Department DE Coordinators will provide their initial approval for the high school to offer specific courses with the designated facilitator. Once all LSU personnel and administrators have signed the MoU, a fully-executed copy will be sent to the high school.

The Department DE Coordinator and the prospective high school DE facilitator will coordinate communication regarding certification dates and requirements for summer workshops. High school teachers must successfully complete the certification process to enable the high school to offer the course.