ALEKS Math Prep

First-year students who take higher level mathematics courses have an increased chance of on-schedule graduation. LSU offers a short-term asynchronous virtual camp that helps first-time LSU students refresh math skills and place higher on the ALEKS PPL assessment.

General Education Math Course Placement Chart



Placement Possibilities

81 or higher

MATH 1021

MATH 1551 (or lower courses)

76 or higher

MATH 1021

MATH 1510 (or lower courses), or

MATH 1530, or MATH 1550

61 or higher

MATH 1021

MATH 1022, 1431, 1029, or 1100

41 or higher


MATH 1021, 1029, or 1100

35 or higher


MATH 1021 and 1020 concurrently, or

1029, or 1100

30 or higher


MATH 1021 and 1020 concurrently, or

MATH 1029 and 1028 concurrently

29 or lower


MATH 1029 and 1028 concurrently

Additional course credit and placement criteria is available from the LSU Department of Mathematics.

Virtual ALEKS Math Prep (VAMP) 

This free asynchronous online Moodle course is designed for you to refresh your math skills and master individual topics at your own pace. We generally recommend that you block off 3 weeks to access the following tools.  

  • Videos 
  • Learning modules 
  • Practice problems 

Academic mentors will offer virtual 1:1 support to help you:

  • Hone effective study habits 
  • Develop conceptual understanding of calculus 
  • Enhance your mathematical reasoning & problem-solving skills 

You will finish off the course with sharper study skills and enhanced mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Like ALEKS, VAMP was developed to help you master more math concepts so you can place higher in LSU Mathematics courses.

sign up on moodle     Use enrollment code “iamreadyformath”

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If you have questions, please email Jonathan Gardner for more information.