Information for High Schools

Offer Dual Enrollment at Your High School

The LSU Dual Enrollment (DE) Program offers high schools an opportunity to enhance their students’ academic journeys by enabling them to earn college credit while still in high school.


Course Administration

An LSU faculty member, designated as the LSU Instructor of Record, develops and administers all LSU DE courses. The Instructor of Record closely monitors student and teacher engagement and provides the necessary course materials.

School Benefits

  • High schools can offer courses enriched with materials from college courses.
  • High schools benefit from free professional development opportunities for their teachers, provided by specific LSU departments.
  • High schools can better prepare their students for college readiness by exposing them to college-level material within the supportive high school environment.

School Requirements

  • The high school is responsible for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with LSU to offer DE courses at their facility.
  • The high school must assign a teacher who has completed the required LSU certification training for the specific course being offered.
  • The high school must ensure that DE teachers comply with all University and Department rules and policies related to DE courses.
  • The high school must provide appropriate classroom space, along with any necessary technology.
  • The high school must adhere to all requirements outlined in the MoU.

offer DE Courses at your school