The Turner-Fischer Center Presents:
The Medium & Kassandra

October 16 & 19 // Shaver Theatre

The Turner-Fischer Center invites you to a double-feature performance of mystery and intrigue in Gian Carlo Menotti’s classic The Medium, followed by Anthony Brandt and Neena Beber’s new chamber opera Kassandra.

The Medium presents the tragedy of a fake psychic who finds herself caught between two worlds: what she cannot wholly comprehend, and what she cannot believe. Kassandra is a modern update on the classic Greek myth of Kassandra, a woman who rejected the advances of Apollo and was thus cursed to be right, yet never believed.

Production Team

Production Manager Dennis Jesse
Assistant Production Manager Shengjie Cheng
Assistant Directors Anna Safko (The Medium); Dylan Schang (Kassandra)
Stage Managers Celeste Lovelady (The Medium); Yonathan Astatke (Kassandra)
Scenic Designers Dennis Jesse and Michael Borowitz (The Medium); Dugg McDonough (Kassandra)
Lighting Designer Brian Schneider
Wig & Make-Up Designer Laurin Hart
Costume Designers Dennis Jesse (The Medium); Dugg McDonough (Kassandra)
Technical Advisor Piper Productions 
Rehearsal Pianist Kristin Scioneaux
Musical and Diction Coach Michael Borowitz
Supertitle Operator Fengyue Zhang
Scenic Construction New Orleans Opera H. Lloyd Hawkins Scenic Studio
Video/Image Creation Michael Borowitz/Dennis Jesse (The Medium); Grant Vicknair (Kassandra)
Orchestration Rental G. Schirmer (The Medium); Anthony Brandt (Kassandra)


Orchestra Personnel


  • Rafael Galvan Herrera


  • Roberto Mochetti


  • Jaime Compton-Galvan


  • Melody Wang


  • Victor Drescher

Bass Clarinet

  • Janghyun Thomas Kim 


  • Melissa Wilson
  • Rosalinda Ramirez


  • Kristin Scioneaux



Music by Gian Carlo Menotti • Libretto by Gian Carlo Menotti

Directed by Dennis Jesse • Conducted by Michael Borowitz


Baba: Natalie Creel

Monica: Smarlensly Alténor (Rose Bubenzer, cover)

Mrs. Gobineau: Jozifein Woods (Reilly Mulcahy, cover)

Mrs. Nolan: Madison Kavanaugh (Trisha Thatai, cover)

Mr. Gobineau: Jesse Kneisler (Fengyue Zhang, cover)

Toby: Spencer LeFebvre

Music by Anthony K. Brandt • Libretto by Neena Beber

Directed by Dugg McDonough • Conducted by Michael Borowitz 


Kassandra: Maura Schaefer

Ty/original Cassandra: Olivia Newcomb

Al: George Revill

Apollo: Scott Purcell

Artie: Wenxin Sha