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How does Geaux Communicate help me as an undergraduate at LSU?

Being able to communicate effectively is vital to your success in college, in life, and in whatever path you choose after graduation. Developing these skills takes practice, which is why LSU is expanding resources to support all undergraduates in leveling up their communication skills.

Regardless of your major, no matter if this is your first or last semester, and whether you need a little or a lot of support, there are several enhanced and expanded opportunities to help you Geaux Communicate while earning your degree at LSU.

More Communication-Intensive Courses in more degree paths

Communication-Intensive Courses, also known as C-I courses, give you the opportunity to develop key communication skills in the classroom without having to take additional courses. Here are some examples:

  • Science majors might learn how to formulate effective lab reports and write research proposals in biology classes.
  • Humanities majors might explore complex topics and distill their research for general audiences through podcasts or video explainers.
  • Engineering majors might develop projects that provide valuable field knowledge while gaining practice presenting to audiences like teammates, supervisors, and potential clients.

Basically, the work you do in a C-I course gives you the opportunity to develop your communication skills in a low-stakes environment before you graduate, deepen your learning of course content, and better prepare you for whatever you choose to do after earning your degree at LSU.

See the list of available C-I Courses

Increased opportunities for one-on-one communication coaching and support

Even the most experienced communicators need feedback from time to time. Whether you consider yourself an expert or you don't know where to start, there are resources available to you outside the classroom. Check out a few of the options below, and be on the lookout as more support opportunities become available!

Schedule an appointment for 1-on-1 communication support

Visit a CxC Studio to use resources or check out equipment

Expanded support for professors committed to your communication skills development

Developing your skills doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To help you build transferable skills that can be applied in the classroom and in the real world, C-I professors have opportunities throughout the year to develop and refine approaches that work for your C-I course and to build their own skills along the way. 

Recognition opportunities for your commitment to your communication skills development

Making the commitment to your own personal and professional development deserves to be recognized. Here are a few ways you can earn applause:

  • C-I courses are marked on your official transcript. Whether your post-graduation path is graduate school or the workforce, you have documented evidence of your commitment to building communication skills in your future field. This makes for excellent talking points in personal statements, cover letters, and future job interviews.
  • You can earn the LSU Communicator Certificate. Demonstrating competency in all four modes of communication (written, spoken, visual, and technological) can be achieved in as few as four classes depending on the courses you select. You can even earn this accolade before you graduate, giving you something meaningful to add to your resume as you seek out opportunities like internships and scholarships while still in school. Check out the Communicator Certificate requirements.